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It should been the last, i hope it will be not the least! ;)
well, what can i say?! I took the habit and I also like it very much!
Trying to give a different touch to the classic hypno movies mix,
at the end, I think I’ve created something completely different.
In my opnion, music is a very important component for each hypno movie.
In this clip, music rithm and captions create a subliminal effect on the normal subliminal effect.
Even if quality of the video was ruined a little bit by the uploading,
final result, in my opinion, is really interesting.
tell me, what you think about… and be good with me! ;))
I want to dedicate this video to Noel, one of the most active followers of this blog!
a special kiss to you my sweet sissy friend, enjoy!

Anna Malice


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