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Good evening sissies and Lords.. tonight, as often in the last times,
I have the great honor to host a new creation made expressly for you, followers.. ;)
Bimbo Barbie, a sweet and lovely sissy friend from France, loves Bimbos and Barbies hypnosis,
and she wants to create a special video for our sissy summer!
She is inspired from two precedent posts of this blog #25 – Bimbotization 2 and #209 – Bimbo hypnosis
(two classics, i suppose), and she invite you to have a look at them,
just to undestand the tecnique she used to make.. and before to send a comment about her job!
In my opinion, this is a great stuff indeed! I really love the music choise… yes, it’s a touch of sun and warm.. as this summer season deserves! I love the way she made it.. captions… a softly progress in the addiction messages.. all is really cool!!
Bravò, Barbie.. and many thanks! you are a great performer.. Infact I look you in this video! ;)))
Whatching two and three times i consider this clip a superb creation!
softly subliminal.. as only a real sissy could understand!
take a look, enjoy and please her with your comments,
pleaseeee.. dont be shy! ;)

Anna Malice


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