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Not an original run toninght, anyway a nice remix of a classic, with something more!
It’s not an hypno sissification file, try to read inside the captions..
otherwise also Bulls sometime need to be spurred! ;))

Anna Malice

PS: Just to answer to some massages and emails
this blog is only for fun! in my opinion, sex is always funny and amazing,
but without a little of love is nothing! “All you need is love” ;)
I’m not here to transform you or to hypnotize you.. I’m not evil and I’m not satanic!
If you are too sensitive.. my council is simply to don’t surf here! ;)
Otherwise.. If you demand more “addiction, induction” videos.. try a specialized pay site!
If you have doubts to become gay, just because you like these videos..
don’t worry, be relaxed.. everyone is a little bisexual! ;)
Remember that gaynes and homosexuality.. are not a virus.. your deep sexual taste not be changed by a video! We are always in a continuing changing.. and you’ll become only what you really want to be and to become!
Anyway, have a great day! ;))

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