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Tonight a great return: Felicia Lightner!
I didn’t forgot her.. even if i forgot to answer to an her email (forgive me Felicia).
I really like to post one of my favorite hypno video by her!
as you know, she is a great producer.. and on her blog you can find a lot of beautiful examples!
I like this clip so much.. because (in truth) I’m really proud of my butt..
one of the best part of my sissy body.. so sensual and feminine! ;)
but my ass pussy.. it’s also my center of gravity.. the most sensitive part..
..able to think for myself.. in the best feminine way! ;)
of course this Felicia’s video.. holds a lot of these sissy ideas and concepts..
and I truly love Felicia for every video she is able to create! ;)

Anna Malice

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