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Well when i saw first time this clip.. i was close to cum..
It’s exactly what i have ever dreamed..
It’s exactly what i’am.. a sissy fag! ;))
Felicia, you got it!.. you caught the sense..
what i have ever dreamed is to be like a gurl..
feminine.. ready to be taken and to donate myself completely.. with all my passion..
maybe it’s only sex.. or maybe it’s the desperate need to give love..
to be used.. to donate much pleasure possible.. without anything back!
maybe to be a sissy… it’s only this!
This clip is close to be a real short movie.. with a lovely intriguing simplicity!
thanks Felicia, for this gem!..
take a look to the beautiful site of Felicia Lightner ;)))

Anna Malice

PS. Everyday, what i see here.. it’s absence of rating activity and bad ratings, the most..
All without a comment.. or motivated criticism about it
I think that thousands of daily unique visitors could make really better than this..
and above all.. I deserve much more than.. your indifference!
have fun


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