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I think, our dark side is often really seductive..
sometime, initiation to cock.. starts in a so silly way..
by something apparently simply and perfectly heterosexual..
here, just for a new strange erotic game with her..
Tara is so intriguing to convince you to eat your own cum..
thinking to her, of course.. in an innocent and heterosexual way..
But we perfectly know that.. after the first drop..
the savor of cum will addict you forever.. without escape! ;))
After watched this clip.. aloud.. i would like you confess to yourself..
that.. this is no more a silly fantasy that you have under control!!
because it’s not pussy.. what you really want in the deepest of you..
otherwise you’ld not be here everyday watching my videos! ;))

Anna Malice

PS. don’t miss the amazing premiere of tomorrow evening! ;)


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