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well, when i found this video.. ispiration reborned in me immediately..
so it was natural to add some captions and managing this file as best as possible..
i suppose.. you’ll love this intuition.. and all my way to induce you to gayness..
this is your perfect sissy hypno clip.. because
it’s full of delicious cum.. with a lot of melting hard cocks.. and for you only!!.. ;))
Maybe i’m only a poor insignificant faggot..
but for sure you’ll be like me.. and my sissy infection will infect you completely!! ah ah ;))
so.. my dear gay sissies.. let you be kissed.. by my faggot kisses..
enjoy the pure gayness.. because if you are here.. (everyday)
later or soon.. . you’ll become a perfect real fag!

Anna Malice

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