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By the precious job of JL.. (many many thanks from the deepest of my heart)
tonight we are ready to repost another beautiful masterpiece of hypnosis sissification..
restored the vol.3 of the lucky serie of sissy cum trainer by Scom..
14.15 minutes of pure delirious.. in which explicit invitations to suck cocks and cum.. are outstanding..
as i said when i posted first time this amazing creation on number #789:
“beware to be here everyday.. watching my clips..
because you’ll become a perfect cocksucker sissy faggot.. without escapes! ;))
now it’s your choise only.. i beg you.. don’t look at this new beautiful creation by Scom..
It’s a fabolous long hypno clip indeed.. able to addict you to cock definitely!..
Otherwise.. if you love cocks.. and to become a cumfilled sissy cocksucker.. for real..
well.. this is clip is for you!”
Happy Easter! ;))

Anna Malice

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