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I wasn’t born.. and i’m not been a fag from the first moment of my life..
I have become!
and when have i become a sissy?!
maybe when i have discovered to have beautiful legs.. and a delicious incredibly feminine ass..
my body talked to me.. trough the mirror.. and imediately i understood my own fate..
starting to feel.. my needs to dress.. to move like a fag.. to be exposed and fucked..
everything about my feminine side..
so today, for the D&F collection.. i found these amazing sissy clips..
in which all these concepts are so well evident..
as this wonderful sissy.. i discovered to be so feminine.. to not be able to resist to make everything she doing..
she is really like me.. and like you: a sissy fag with a beautiful ass needing to be fucked. ;))

Anna Malice

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