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A lot of compliments and congratulations on my private email in the last times..
what can i say?! many thanks for your warm support.. believe me it’s the best medicine to go on..
which is the success of this site?! it’s not my constance.. it’s not my obsessed dedication or my taste..
it’s you.. you all.. by your contributions, comments and ideas!
a good example of this.. it’s the amazing hypno premiere of tonight
by tvnikki28.. with a touch of lovely fetish taste by the song on the background..
another fabolous chapter of her “crossdresser sissy training hypno brainwashing video”
part.3.. in my opinion the more outstanding.. and one of the most impressive clip i’m able to remember..
with delightful tecno-music.. with strong immanent captions hammering deep inside your brain..
a sum of flashes.. mood based on images and short clips of fetish taste..
in which it’s clear which is your role of deep submission to males and their wonderful cocks..
well.. what can i say more?!? of course, many many thanks Nikki ;))

Anna Malice

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