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I’m really surprised to have reached 1300 posts!
Sincerely.. i believed to stop with this site really before than that..
Maybe it’s destiny.. i mean.. how is possible to find everyday new stuff to post?!..
(expecially hypnotic, so rare)… for me it’s a mistery!..
well just because it my 1300th post.. i’m glad to host two new fabulous creation by Tia..
I don’t really know if she considers me as a friend..
anyway i truly admire her job.. she is unique and with so much erotic charge..
her taste makes me always horny.. divine virgins involving to the dark side..
this is the truly fetish taste i love.. ;))
so from Tia Tizzianni.. for the D&F collection of today..
another two fabulous clips.. taken from her site.. tiatizzianni.com ;))

Anna Malice

Bailey MtoF Transformed Sucks Her BF’s Cock

College Twink Ava Transformed Used by her Master

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