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From one of the best sissy site of the world.. Sissify yourself
one of the hottest clip i ever seen.. about subliminal gay induction!
Not only the clip but the entire post is simply fabolous.. read it all, please..
Proper celebrity idolization pt.I ..is a masterpiece.. and it deserve your full attention!
in truth all the site of Shiny Pink is incredibly arousing.. it’s one of my absolute favorite!
it’s what i would like to create if my english wasn’t so bad!
And even if quality of her clip is not always sublime..
i think this blog must become an your fixed appointment for your sissification process!
Well, In truth this video is a collage of three different clips.. with a progressive erotic boost..
i think this is an authentic hypnotic file.. without comparison..
orders are explicit and implicit.. indentification with madonna.. an outstanding idea!
i couldn’t resist to make this collage of her three.. in an unique clip..
i think it’s much complete as an hypnotic treatment.. in this way..
hope Shiny Pink forgive this stealing.. and, in order to create a personal site..
one day, i would really like to join our forces to create something really cool togheter
with her, with Felicia.. and anyone else.. with this great taste, ability and passion..
alone we are nice and promising.. togheter, i’m sure, we could create a legendary site! ;)

Anna Malice

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