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well my dear sissies.. it’s time for me.. to take a moment of relax..
holidays sometime are truly a benediction.. needed, useful and marvellous..
as usual i take a long period of vacation..
3 weeks.. for me.. are not enough.. anyway i’ll try to make them sufficient.. ;))
During this long time.. i had two alternatives.. the easier.. to take a pause
the harder.. to program pre-emptively and with much effort, a lot of posts..
just because i’m generous.. i chosen the second chance..
of course.. quality of my notes will be really low.. i have to be syntetic..
and maybe without a daily maintenance.. there will be something wrong.. (be patient)..
as obvious.. i can’t answer to your emails.. of course..
Anyway.. just to compensate.. i have created a nice series of hypnofiles..
LIMITLESS.. is a limited edition of hypnotic sissyfication clips..
created expressly for this summer.. and for you only..
melting a lot of different captions.. erotic images and part of different clips..
nothing special, of course.. but.. just to make you understand..
your sissy transformation is just starting.. ;)

Anna Malice

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