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i chosen the outstanding clip of the D&F collection of today..
of course, because it’s an hot video..
but.. expecially because i’m able to look at me.. a lot of times in my past.
i’m sure a lot of you.. know exactly this situation..
for not definied reasons.. you are alone.. at home..
your parents/wife/girl friend/flatmate.. infact… left you solo..
It becomes the right occasion you waited from a lot of time..
so.. always for not difineid reasons..
you are catched by an innatural excitement.. as you was in the hands of a different you..
and you start to make yourself all the worst thing you are able to imagine and to do..
as it was a sort of degradation.. as it was a flame.. that burns you.. without end..
until you cum.. and over.. because you never finished to let you use as a sexual toy!
it’s not cum what you looking for.. it’s something more.. not definied..
and this is the reason because.. you are a sissy slut!

Anna Malice

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