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Well, well, well.. are you comfortable in the new home?!..
nice to have you all here.. dear sissies..
I have recently found a rare hypnotic clip with french captions..
so i’m really glade to share it with you..
expecially for all the followers from France and Canada.. ;))
Nice and intriguing evocative sensations.. of first time cocksucking..
i don’t know french at all.. anyway for me it was so easy to understand everything..
moment of your first cock in your mouth is came..
even if you dreamed about it a lot of times..
you tried to delay it as possible.. but it was impossible.. etc. etc. ;))
quality and intensity of this clip is outstanding..
of cuorse if anyone want translate it for all.. you are welcome!

Anna Malice

PS: thanks to Emily, a little french course..  here the translation in english: ;))

tout ça en tête depuis des années :
all that in mind for years
la première fois :
the first time
le premier contact aver les lèvres :
the first concats with lips
la peur de prendre ce member en bouche :
the fear to take this shaft in mouth
trouvant des stratagèmes pour retarder ce moment :
finding strategies to delay this moment
le courage venant la langue trouve enfin le gland :
Courage comming the tongue finally find the glans
ça y est le moment tant fantasmé depuis des années est elfin arrivé :
This is it the moment so much fantasized for years is finally came
flash info … on se lance … je vais avoir un vrai sexe dans ma bouche … flash info :
flash news … one launches out … I’ll have a real sex in my mouth … flash news
chaque minute passant, l’envie chaser complètement les peurs et la vraie nature prendra le dessus :
Every minute going, the envy will completely drive out the fears and the true nature will overtake
une réelle passion prend le contrôle du corps :
A real passion take the control of the body
maintenant, tu veux essayer!! :
Now you want to try!!
l’objectif est bien plus clair maintenant :
thé goal is much clearer now
tu veux cette ultime récompense :
you want this ultime prize
a toi de choisir la plus belle manière de toucher ta gratification :
up to you to choose the most beautiful way to reach your gratification
Reste à savoir comment tu veux apprécier cette rétribution dont ta bouche est pleine :
Remain to be seen how you want to appreciate this remuneration filling your mouth.
Tu avaleras ce sperme ? :
Will you swallow that sperm ?
Ou feras tu comme ça ? :
Or will you do like this ?
Toi seul cones cette réponse :
only you know the answer

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