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Well, my dear sirs and sissies.. one of the most precious privileges to have an own site..
it’s to be able to make free publicity.. to other valuables sites.. without troubles ;)
The first occasion is right now.. because i have the big honour
to have received an incredible tribute video from my special super erotic friend..
I think you never seen something like that.. simply because there isn’t anything like that! ;))
This is not only an amazing performance.. including her usual hot way to be sensual and irresistible..
This a special encounter between her art and mine..
able to create a new concept of hypnotic sissification video!
Final result is infact something totally new.. melting togheter all the different styles and possibilities..
A pov sissification clip.. with an arousing shemale Mistress.. and
An hot hypnotic clip with the best of my latest video productions..
Well.. for sure.. let me tell you.. my art is immensly less arousing than her..
She is a real magnificent Queen in general.. and here.. the truly outstanding Queen of this clip! ;))
Here, we are allowed to watch for free.. a short version duration 4:06 minutes..
on her site.. http://tvkristina.com the full outstanding extended long session of 15 minutes!
well, just to be clear.. she has a paysite.. as she has right to do.. and i’ll not gain any money for this clip..
anyway let me be so proud to have made this special join-venture with her art and her amazing site!
that’s all.. now it’s time to enjoy it! ;))
with love

Anna Malice














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