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After an entire week of holiday i’m back and more alive of ever..
From far.. where i was in these past days.. I followed this ridicolous polemic..
about racism.. on some recent published videos..
this is not new.. because it’s not the first time i receive this kind of criticisms..
for sure even if i published a lot videos… not always i totally agree about contents..
it’s clear.. as sun light.. that i’m against any form of racism..
when i publish big black cock clips.. for sure.. it’s not my intention.. to offend anyone..
black men.. represent.. one of the most erotic fantasy.. for every sissy like me..
and for a lot of reasons.. that not deserve so much explanations..
so these polemics are instrumental.. based on a self serving biased extrapolation of some words..
totally decontextualized..
Of course.. I reject these accusations.. with all my forces..
i’m not racist.. I believe every person.. is equal, wonderful in his unicity..
I also believe that love.. is the best medicine to join every difference..
definitely the best answer.. to these criticisms and polemics.. is the video i decided to post today..
It’s not because blacks are superior.. it’s not because.. black men and white sissies..
it’s because, whatever colours, whatever sexual genders..
love is the most beautiful thing.. and that’s all!! ;))

Anna Malice

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