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I chosen this video for its first 70 seconds..
it makes me reflect about me.. and about who i’m..
Attraction is simple.. when male and female are togheter..
every way sounds erotic.. every excuse sounds good to be sexy..
when also a simply touching is so sensual..
and innocent games are able to become a blooming of sex without control..
During my life.. doubts about myself have been always so deep..
why have i never felt something like this with a woman?!..
is it because there was something wrong in me?!
is it because i was not manful enough?!..
is it because whatever else?!..
now i know with certainty.. it wasn’t me.. because there isn’t anything wrong in me..
i’m able to be on fire.. as everyone.. and maybe more of everyone else..
recognizing me as a female.. is the best thing i ever did..
because i have always been.. not a male.. but a fabolous female inside..
able to turn me on.. only with males..
i like male contact.. male skin and smell.. i like to kiss men..
i like to be feminine as more as possible.. to please men as more as possible..
because i’m a female.. i love and adore men.. in every their form.. in every their little thing..
and that’s all! ;))
Well.. by the way.. this is a superb clip indeed.. with wonderful prologue and a amazing final..

Anna Malice

ps. as usual my english is terrible.. so try to read inside lines and my errors.. please

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