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Well, a really short.. and a really amazing clip.. for the D&F collection of today!
let me ask you a question.. have you ever been so excited?!
i mean.. have you ever feel that hot sensation of not-control?!
when passion is more of your rationality.. and your body becomes out of control..
i suppose that the good sissies.. living in chastity..
or practicing sex abstinance for long time.. perfectly know what i want to say..
to be wet is a so wonderful sensation.. and it happens only to sissies like us..
that are able to cum.. much and better.. first of all, expecially mentally.. ;))

Anna Malice

p.s. who is this beauty?! i’m not able to recognize the clip and the shemale actress..
so.. i’m looking for any useful indications about her.. many thanks! :)

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