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“How old were you when you first sucked a dick?” Karen’s question was accompanied by smothered giggles from the rest of the group. Simon opened his mouth, then closed it again, staring speechless at his questioner.

“Well?” Karen pushed for an answer, seemingly taking pleasure in his discomfort. “You know the rules. You picked truth, so answer the question!”

“But I’m not gay!” Simon almost wailed in indignation. Karen snorted in disbelief. “I’m not!” Simon glanced over towards Brenda, looking for some support. Brenda gave a little shrug of her shoulders, almost as if to say ‘how should I know?’ Simon ground his teeth in aggravation. “You know damn well I’m not gay” He muttered.

“Well I’ve never seen you with a guy sure.” Brenda grinned. “Then again you do seem kind of interested in Nick’s crotch.” Simon stared at his friend in horror. How could she say something like that? And in public too. Brenda grinned at him, enjoying how flustered he was.

“I’m not gay.” Simon said again. Karen glared at him and he wondered if she was going to push this further.

“Fine.” She said in a tone which suggested she didn’t believe a word he said. “Okay, who’s next? Truth or Dare?” Simon breathed a sigh of relief as attention was focused on the next willing victim.


“Why did she ask me that?” Simon asked for the hundredth time the following night. He was sitting at home in front of the computer surfing the net while he chatted to Brenda on the phone.

“I guess you just look kinda gay.” Brenda responded, clearly fed up with the whole topic.

“Yeah well probably every girl in my year thinks I am gay now thanks to you!” Simon continued. Brenda laughed.

“Oh it was just some harmless fun. You looked cute all red faced like that. Besides…”

“Besides what?” Simon asked angrily.

“Well. You do keep looking at Nick’s crotch.”

“I do not.” Simon denied indignantly.

“Simon. I’ve seen you do it. Hey, it’s okay. He’s got a big one, I should know.” Brenda laughed throatily. “There’s no harm in being curious.”

“I’m not gay. I’ve had girlfriends. You know that!”

“Sure. I know.” Brenda replied in a voice obviously meant to calm him down. “And I’ve talked to them so I know exactly what you’ve tried to get them to do. But…”

“But what?”

“Come on Simon, don’t play dumb. Nick’s not the only guy whose crotch I’ve seen you look at!”

“I don’t look at guys!” Simon’s voice rose an octave as he denied her accusation.

“Simon, I’ve seen you! When you think no one’s looking. You look right at their bulge.” Simon shook his head silently.

“Don’t even think of denying it.” Brenda somehow sensed what he was doing even though she couldn’t see him. ‘We’re friends Simon. It’s not like I’m going to tell anyone. Just be honest about it. Hey I love to stare at a guy’s package. How do you think I saw you doing it?”

“I’m not gay Brenda.” Simon stuck firmly to his denials. “I’ve never done anything with a guy.”

“Oh I know.” Brenda agreed. “You’re far too cautious to take a risk like that. But you have thought about it haven’t you?” Simon’s silence spoke volumes.

“Do you look at pictures online?” Brenda changed tack, but Simon stayed silent, refusing to be drawn into the discussion.

“Oh come on Simon. You can tell me. I already know you check out porn sites. I’ve been on your computer remember.” Brenda laughed and Simon felt himself flush with embarrassment, wondering just what she had seen.

“It doesn’t bother me a bit if you get friendly with Mr. Hand while you look at some pictures. Hell I’ve probably got a bigger porn collection that most of the guys you know.”

Simon couldn’t help but laugh. Brenda was openly sexual and frequently very graphic about her urges. It had taken him a while to get used to but these days he usually talked to her like she was one of the guys.

“So what do you do? Do you look at some pics of a bimbo sucking on a nice fat cock and think about sucking it yourself?” Brenda was just getting warmed up. Simon felt his cheeks heat. She could be incredibly crude when she got going and his silence was leading her dangerously close to the mark.

“It’s late and I’ve got to get some sleep.” He muttered. “Go and watch your porn. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Okay Simon, speak to you soon. And don’t wear your hand out!” Brenda laughed as she hung up the phone.

Simon leaned back in his chair and stared blankly at the computer screen for a few minutes. He hadn’t lied; he’d never done anything with guys. And it wasn’t like he’d ever really planned to. He just occasionally wondered that was all. It was late and he really should be going to bed, that wasn’t just an excuse.

Shaking his head he leant forward and quickly browsed to one of the hidden folders on his computer, bringing up the thumbnail index of pictures. There was the one he was thinking of. With a couple of clicks he brought up the full image and leaned back, staring at it.

His eyes scanned the picture, taking in the cum coated face of the blonde girl at the center of the image. Then briefly flickering over to the thick swollen cock that was shooting cum onto her.

His eyes darted back to the girl with her slutty expression as the cum dripped off her chin. Reaching down he unzipped his pants, moaning as he wrapped his hand around his cock. His eyes drifted back to man in the picture, his hand squeezing his cock as he pumped all over the girl.

He stared at the shiny purple head of the cock on the screen as he started to stroke his shaft. Brenda’s dirty laughter echoed in his head.


“So… where do you find your dick pics? Do you visit the gay sites or do you find them somewhere else?” Brenda’s throaty laugh was mocking. A week later and she still wouldn’t give him a break. Every time they spoke in private she brought the subject up again. And she was starting to sneak sly digs about it into their public conversations too.

“I’m not gay!” He said far too loudly, her constant teasing getting to him.

“But you do check out dicks.” Brenda replied casually and Simon bit his lip in frustration. He should never have admitted to that, but she had finally worn him down. He was already regretting it. Instead of ending the conversation it just seemed to have encouraged her. “Sooo…. What do you look at? Girls sucking guys? Girls jerking guys? Guy’s sucking guys?” Brenda’s laugh sounded filthy. “Or do you just stare at big stiff pricks?” She was loving this.

“Depends.” Simon mumbled, relieved that this was another telephone conversation. He wasn’t sure why he kept letting her drag him into these conversations. Perhaps it was just nice to be able to confide in someone. But he was sure he couldn’t have handled this conversation in person. “Sometimes it’s guy’s stroking themselves.”

“Mmm… yeah.” Brenda gave a throaty growl. “I love to see a man squeeze his thick prick. Doesn’t it just make you want to taste them?”

“No!” Simon protested. Brenda just laughed. “So you just stare at dicks and feel yourself huh. You’ve never once thought about licking one?”

Simon bit his lip. He couldn’t think of a safe way to answer such a direct question. She wouldn’t believe him if he said no anyway, but he certainly wasn’t going to come out and say yes.

“I thought so.” Brenda crowed triumphantly, taking his silence as all the confirmation she needed. “Hold on a second. I want to send you something. Check your email.”

Simon spun round in his chair and hurriedly brought up his mail program. Clicking the mouse impatiently he checked for new mail. Sure enough there was one from Brenda.

“What is it?” He asked suspiciously.

“Open it and find out.” She said, sounding remarkably eager. Simon frowned, wondering what she was up to now. With a shrug he opened the email. There was only one line of text. It read:

What do you think of when you look at this one?

Directly below the simple question, an image was loading. Simon stared in shock as an extreme close up of a very erect cock gradually revealed itself.

“Well?” Brenda chuckled in delight. Simon swallowed, his eyes taking in every detail of the large image. Whoever this guy was, he must have been painfully hard. The purple head of his cock was glistening with precum, ready to explode at any moment.

“Big isn’t it?” Brenda teased and Simon heard himself moan softly. “Oh, do you like it?”

“Yes.” Simon whispered, still staring at the picture.

“Want to see more hmm Simon?”

“Yes.” Simon could feel his own cock hardening as he stared at the picture on his computer screen.

“First I want you to tell me one thing Simon.” Brenda’s tone changed, becoming more authoritative. “When you look at that cock, do you imagine what it would be like to suck it?” Simon closed his eyes, his breathing ragged.

“Look at it Simon. Look at how swollen it is.” There was huskiness to Brenda’s voice as she spoke. “See how the head glistens with pre-cum. Can’t you just imagine reaching out your tongue to taste that?”

Simon shivered at her words, shifting uncomfortably in his chair as his cock twitched and stirred. His eyes remained fixed on the picture as Brenda whispered into his ear.

“Mmm. Just think about licking it, tasting his excitement. Feeling that cock throb at your touch. And what would you do then hmm? Would you open your mouth? Would you lean forward and slide your lips over the shaft, sucking on that hard prick?”

Simon groaned, thrusting his hips forward, pressing his hard cock against the stiff material of his jeans as he reacted to Brenda’s teasing.

“He was so horny when I took that picture.” Brenda laughed. “I’d been teasing his cock for about fifteen minutes by then and he was begging me for relief. He was so desperate he’d probably have let you do the sucking.”

Simon shivered, closing his eyes to escape the image and clear his thoughts. He should have guessed that this would be one of Brenda’s many boyfriends. The thought of her stroking and teasing that thick shaft just added to his excitement though.

“Wouldn’t you like to taste him?” Brenda whispered, somehow sensing his weakness, her own excitement obviously growing as she worked on him. “Can’t you just imagine his hot, thick shaft in your mouth? He’s not gentle and he doesn’t like to stay still. He would fuck your face.”

Simon gasped, desperately pulling his cock free from his pants. His hand wrapped around his erection, gripping it tightly. He moaned as he started to jerk his cock.

“What are you doing Simon?” Brenda asked sharply. “Are you… touching yourself?” Her voice took on a faintly disgusted tone.

“Yes.” Simon groaned, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment as his hand continued to stroke his needy cock.

“Ewww!” Brenda squealed. “I’m not sitting here listening to you jerk off. Call a phone sex line and pay like all the other pervs. I’ll call you tomorrow.” There was a click as she hung up the phone. Simon shuddered with shame, but he couldn’t stop himself. His hand squeezed and stroked his cock as he put the phone down. His eyes were still glued to Brenda’s picture as he jacked off, her disgusted words echoing in his head.

An alert popped up on screen announcing a new email. It was from Brenda. Without hesitating he reached over and clicked it open. Just like the last one, there was only a single line of text before two images.

Guess I have my answer huh?

Simon eagerly scrolled down to look at the new images. The first again showed a close up of the large dick, this time with a delicate feminine hand, Brenda’s he guessed, wrapped around the shaft. Simon blinked as he realized the size of the cock in that picture.

But it was the second picture that really captured his attention. While the previous two had shown the cock on the verge of cumming, this one showed the aftermath. A trickle of cum rand down the thick shaft, spilling over Brenda’s hand. Underneath the picture was another line of text.

Imagine that in your mouth cocksucker!

Simon groaned, jerking his cock feverishly.


“Hey.” Simon drawled into the handset, his mind still focused on the blog post he was reading.

“Hey there yourself cocksucker.” Brenda’s throaty laugh greeted him. “Seen any big ones today?”

“What’s up Brenda?” Simon ignored her continued attempts to bait him. Ever since he’d exposed his weakness to her so blatantly she couldn’t resist any chance for a dig at his expense. He just hoped she hadn’t said anything to Karen. Those two spent a lot of time together giggling and laughing.

“Probably you.” Brenda sniggered. “You aren’t going to start panting and moaning at me again are you?”

“No Brenda.” Simon sighed.

“That’s good, because honey I only do phone sex for my boyfriends and you’re just a little too weedy for my tastes.”

“Was there a point to this call Brenda?” Simon snapped. Her last comment stung. He knew she went for the big, muscled guys and he knew he was anything but that. Still did she have to come out and say it? It wasn’t like he’d ever come on to her.

“Check your email.” Brenda’s voice was chilly. “And keep your hands on the keyboard this time.”

Simon’s pulse started to race. Had she sent him more pictures? Knowing he was playing into her game, he quickly brought up his mail program and opened her latest email. There was just a single picture this time with no text. Instead of the close up he had expected though it was a full body shot. To his mixed horror and excitement, he recognized Nick, Brenda’s latest fling.

Nick was standing nude in what Simon was pretty sure was Brenda’s bedroom. Typical of the arrogant jock that he was, Nick was clearly posing. Proudly thrusting his erect cock forward and from the look on his face he was sure he looked good.

“Do you like it?” Brenda asked, almost purring with satisfaction. “He’s 8 inches, I know you were wondering. He has a thing for standing over me like that when I suck him. And when he gets worked up, he just grabs hold of me and thrusts until he cums.”

Simon licked his lips, staring at Nick’s image. He could already feel his cock stirring in his pants as Brenda described sucking on her boyfriend. She knew him too well and was pressing all the right buttons.

“So… do you want to suck him?” Brenda’s throaty growl made the act sound so dirty. Simon shuddered. “I think I can arrange it if you want. Nick just loves having his cock sucked. He’ll think wearing a blindfold is kinky. Then his dick is all yours!”

Simon bit his lips, squirming in his chair. He looked at the picture again. He couldn’t believe he was even considering this. That cocky grin on Nick’s face infuriated him, but the thick 8 inch cock jutting from his crotch… How would it feel sliding over his tongue?

“I can make it happen Simon. All you have to do is admit you want it. Tell me how you’d like to kneel before my boyfriend and take his cock in your mouth.” Brenda’s voice became louder and more demanding. “Tell me and I’ll turn you into the cocksucker you want to be.”

Simon groaned, feverish images flickering through his mind. His cock pressed against his jeans but he forced himself to keep his hands on the keyboard. Nobody would know. Well nobody but Brenda, and she already knew all about his dirty little secret and she was a friend after all.

“Keep your hands out of your pants.” Brenda said sharply. “Answer the question. Do you want to suck his cock?”

“Yes.” Simon gasped, unable to resist any longer. His heart pounding in his chest.

“Good boy. Now listen carefully. This Saturday night I’m having a party at my apartment. There’s going to be lots of people there. Plenty of distractions, plenty of alcohol. Nick will never realize you’re in my room and you can gobble up his prick like the cocksucker I know you are.” Simon whimpered, thrusting his hips, rubbing his cock head against his jeans.

“No touching that cock.” Brenda snapped. “I want you horny for Saturday. We don’t want you getting cold feet and backing out at the last minute. Understand?”

“Yes.” Simon gasped, clenching his fists, his nails digging into his palms.

“I can’t wait to see you slurping dick.” Brenda laughed crudely. “Sweet dreams cocksucker!”


Simon trembled nervously as he knelt in the dark closet, waiting impatiently for Brenda’s signal. He could hear the thumping music and muffled conversations from the party going on in the main room of the apartment.

Brenda had snuck him into her room what felt like hours ago with strict instructions to remain in the closet and to say quiet. Since then, nothing. He just knelt there, his cock somehow rigid with anticipation as he was left to think about what he was going to do tonight. He wondered for the hundredth time if he could actually go through with it. But at this point, did he even really have a choice anyway?

Brenda had become even more domineering in their relationship since she had put this plan into motion. It seemed almost as though his opinions didn’t matter at all. Somehow he didn’t think she would let him back out now.

Simon tensed up as he heard the bedroom door swing opened. Footsteps and the sound of a giggling female followed. Could that be Brenda? She sounded so different, so girly. It wasn’t someone else surely?

“Are you ready for your big surprise huh?” Brenda cooed her voice breathy and feminine. Simon blinked in surprise. “Just stand right there for a moment while I get everything ready. And remember no peaking from out of that blindfold!”

Simon wiped his sweaty palms on his shirt as Brenda’s voice drew closer. She yanked the closet door open and grinned down at him, obviously enjoying the joke she was playing on her boyfriend. That grin made him even more nervous. Brenda had a dark sense of humor.

“What’cha doing babe?” Nick slurred. Brenda had clearly lived up to her word and he’d had plenty to drink. Maybe they could actually get away with pulling this switch on him.

“Patience honey. You’re really gonna enjoy this.” Brenda winked at Simon before sauntering back over to her boyfriend. Simon watched as she ran her hands over Nick’s body, casually squeezing his ass before she deftly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants.

“Now we’re getting somewhere.” Nick grinned that cocky grin of his as Brenda lowered his boxers. He groaned as she took his already stiffening prick in her hand, stroking him. Brenda glanced over at Simon, summoning him with a movement of her head.

Simon crawled ever so cautiously towards the couple, wincing nervously at the slightest noise he made. He could hear the thumping beat of the music from the party through the thin bedroom door. Had Brenda remembered to lock it he wondered?

By the time he reached their feet, Brenda’s hand had achieved the desired effect on Nick’s cock which now jutted out every bit as arrogantly as the man himself. Simon stared up at it as he knelt before them. Brenda grinned down at him, her hand moving slowly up and down the thick shaft, displaying her lover’s cock for him. Simon’s face was only inches away now from the cock he’s been fantasizing about for days now.

Simon looked to Brenda for reassurance. Her grin was somehow mocking as she nodded her head in encouragement. Licking his lips, and spurred on by the hardness of his own cock; Simon slowly extended his tongue, pausing as he touched Nick’s purple cock head.

Nick’s reaction was instantaneous. He gasped, jerking his hips forward, as though seeking something to fuck. Emboldened, Simon opened his mouth and let the hot thick shaft slip over his tongue and into his mouth. Brenda watched with hot eyes.

“Surprise!” Brenda squealed once Simon had Nick’s cock fully in his mouth. Simon glanced up at her in shock, not daring to remove his mouth. He could feel his heart thumbing in his chest. Nick’s body went rigid with confusion as he realized that it wasn’t his girlfriend’s mouth encircling him. Simon struggled to control his panic. If Nick took of the blindfold, he was a dead man.

“I know how much you looove a good blow job honey. So I got you a cock sucker for your birthday. Does it feel good?” Brenda smiled evilly at Simon as she soothed her boyfriend.

Realizing he had to maintain the act, Simon bobbed his head, moving slowly backwards and forwards as he sucked on Nick’s hard cock. Brenda’s eyes burned into him as she continued to talk.

“This one just loves cock.” Brenda purred. “Don’t hold anything back. This slut loves to be face fucked.” Simon shuddered; Brenda’s words making him feel so cheap and dirty as he slobbered on her boyfriend’s cock. He moaned in horror as he saw Nick’s hand reaching up to remove his blindfold. Simon swirled his tongue around the stiff shaft in his mouth, trying to distract him.

Brenda’s grin was pure evil and for a moment he was sure she was going to let Nick remove the blindfold. But at the last second she reached out a restraining arm.

“I told you no peeking babe.” She teased. “This is a shy cock whore.”

Nick laughed, letting his hand drop to his side and Simon trembled with humiliation and shame at the verbal abuse. For a brief moment he pictured how he must look to Brenda. Kneeling before this man, his lips wrapped around a cock. His head bobbing up and down as he eagerly sucked while his own prick bulged in his pants. No wonder she could barely keep a straight face as she watched him.

“Remember, don’t hold back babe.” Brenda encouraged Nick. “Fuck the slut’s mouth.” Simon felt her hand on the back of his head, pushing him further forward until he almost gagged.

“Shove your prick down this cock sucker’s throat.” Brenda hissed. Nick responded to her urging, thrusting forward, his cock pushing deeper into Simon’s mouth, making him gag and drool. Brenda laughed.

“God what a slut.” Brenda’s nails dug into Simon’s scalp as she held him in place for her boyfriend. “You like that huh whore?”

“Mmmmph!” Simon mumbled a protest around the thick cock in his mouth. Brenda just smirked at him. “Been dreaming about this for days haven’t you.”

Simon shuddered and gagged again as Nick thrust more violently. His face and neck red with shame as Brenda held him while her boyfriend used him like some cheap whore. The evidence of his excitement was obvious to her. His cock bulging and throbbing in his pants despite the humiliation. He worked desperately to finish this quickly. He redoubled his efforts, sucking and licking Nick’s cock, feeling it thrust deep into his mouth, feeling the saliva dripping down his chin as he took the cock into his throat.

With an animalistic cry, Nick thrust violently forward, jamming his cock into Simon’s mouth one last time. Simon shuddered as he felt hot, salty sperm flooding his mouth. Nick grunted spurting in Simon’s mouth as Brenda pressed Simon’s face against her boyfriend’s crotch, holding him there. Simon struggled to swallow the sperm filling his mouth, almost choking in the process. He felt some of it oozing out of the corners of his mouth.

Finally Nick stepped backwards and Brenda released her grip Simon’s head. He fell forward resting his head on the ground. From the corner of his eyes he watched as Brenda carefully lead Nick away from the scene, helping him put his clothes back on.

“On you go babe. Tell everyone about the present your hot girlfriend gave you.” Brenda laughed. “I’ve got some tidying up to do here. It seems like someone was better at sucking than they were at swallowing.” Simon closed his eyes, trying to block out the shame he felt. He heard the bedroom door open and close, the party seemed like it was still going strong.

When he finally opened his eyes again, Brenda was standing over him with a strange look on her face. Was it contempt? Triumph?

“Was it as good as you imagined while you were jerking off to pictures of his cock?” She sneered down at him. Simon opened his mouth, then closed it again, unsure how to react to his friends aggressive mood. Rowdy cheers exploded in the room outside.

“Sounds like Nick just told his friends all about the cock slut in the bedroom doesn’t it?” Brenda smirked. “And you certainly were an eager cock sucker. Amateurish, but enthusiastic. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of practice now though.” She nudged Simon’s bulging crotch with the toe of her shoe and he moaned. “Boy are you excited.”

Before Simon could answer the bedroom door swung open and Karen breezed in. Here gaze took in the scene in an instant. Laughing she turned and closed the door. Simon stared at her than looked back at Brenda in shock.

“Nick really really enjoyed your present Brenda.” Karen laughed again. “He’s telling all his friends about what an eager whore you found for him. They were getting really jealous until I told them they could get in on the action for a small fee.”

“Told you you’d be getting plenty of practice didn’t I Simon?” Brenda nudged his crotch again with her foot. Simon shuddered, looking around the room for some way to escape. “Oh don’t worry; they’ll have to wear blindfolds.” Simon shook his head.

“Awww poor baby. Don’t you want to suck more dicks?” Brenda teased him. “That’s a shame because there are about a dozen guys out there who are paying to use your mouth. You’ve got a simple choice. Do exactly what I tell you or we’ll just open that door and let everybody see who the cock sucking slut is.”

Simon closed his eyes in despair. He didn’t understand why Brenda was acting this way, but he couldn’t think of any way out. Karen laughed again, obviously enjoying his humiliation.

“I knew you were a fag.” She grinned. “Put the blindfold on him, I can’t wait to watch this!”

“What?” Simon opened his eyes, looking at the two women. “What blindfold?”

“Well it’s only fair isn’t it?” Brenda grinned cruelly. “All your customers will be wearing blindfolds after all. Besides half the guys out there are people you know. I want you to wonder every time you meet them, if they came in your mouth.” Karen laughed again.

Simon opened his mouth to protest, then closed it again, seeing the futility. Karen pulled the blindfold out of her pocket and quickly tied it around his head, leaving him in darkness. He knelt, waiting nervously for something to happen.

He heard the door open followed by footsteps and some low muttering. Then he recognized the sound of Karen’s laughter. Hot flesh slapped against his cheek.

“Open up cock sucker!” Brenda ordered him.

Simon followed her instructions; open his mouth and moving his head around, trying to capture the cock in his mouth. Brenda and Karen both laughed at his efforts.

“The slut just can’t wait to get more cock.” Brenda snorted.

Simon burned with humiliation at their continued mockery. Despite himself his own cock remained rock hard. He finally caught the anonymous cock in his mouth and quickly went to work, licking and sucking. He wasn’t sure exactly how many more he would taste tonight, but the only thing he could think to do was to get them off as quickly as possible.

His customer impatiently thrust his cock deeper into Simon’s mouth. In the back of his mind, Simon noted that this cock was thinner and shorter than Nick’s. He shied away from trying to identify who it might belong to.

It couldn’t have been much more than a minute before the cock in his mouth was jerking and spurting it’s bitter load of cum down his throat. Simon swallowed as best he could, but the last few spurts landed on him as the man pulled out. He knelt in the darkness feeling the cum cooling on him, waiting for the next cock.

Cock after cock thrust into Simon’s mouth. He licked, sucked and swallowed until the taste of cum lingered on his tongue even when his mouth was empty. At first he counted, but after ten he lost track. His jaw ached from the abuse.

With each customer Karen and Brenda, watched and laughed, sometimes making comments about his technique or enthusiasm. Other times they urged on his anonymous customer.

When they grew bored, they amused themselves by cupping and stroking his crotch, making him squirm and writhe. But before he got too close to cumming their hands withdrew leaving him frustrated and desperate. Finally it was over and Brenda pulled the blindfold from his face. The party was done, everyone had left. Simon blinked as his eyes slowly adjusted to the light again. He looked around the room, relieved to see that the only other person present was Karen. She looked at him and smirked. He blushed, knowing she would picture him like this every time she saw him from now on.

He gasped in pain as Brenda grabbed him by the hair and pulled him over towards the mirror.

“Look at yourself!” She hissed.

Simon stared at the mirror in horror. He couldn’t quite believe how he looked. His sweaty hair plastered against his skull, his face covered in cum from who knew how many cocks and his pants bulged obscenely from his unrelieved arousal.

“I heard what you called me.” Brenda snarled, yanking on his hair. “What did you tell those guys? ‘Yeah she’s hot looking, but she’s a whore, jumps from one guy to the next.'” Simon trembled in horror. How had she overheard that conversation? “Well guess what? I may be a whore, but I’m not the one who gave 15 guys blowjobs at a party. I’m not the one who charged $5 a suck. I’m not the one who’s so turned on he can’t keep his hands off his cock. So tell me Simon, who’s the real whore here? Huh cock sucker?”

by David73


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