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Delicious video by my dear friend.. Tia Tizzianni..
knowing her by some emails.. i discovered, she is a sort of a professional sissy maker..
inducing cute young college students to irresistible sexual tempations..
to become a no-reverse perfect sissy fag! ;))
i think there isn’t anything better to start.. like a wonderful sissy teacher as she is..
Her videos, i found around on the web, are always really hot..
expecially because.. often.. they contain first time sissy experience of fucking and sucking cock!
I would really like to receive and to post from her..
a long complete video of her gurl transformation.. from a boy to first time fucked sissy fag!
For now i invite you to visit her recently personal site.. tiatizzianni.com
“trasforming bois in to feminine bottom girls”..
enjoy! ;))

Anna Malice

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