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No, today, anything about fetish and bdsm..
I was been really touched by this clip.. for a lot of reasons..
i think you have seen something of Ellery around.. expecially on xhamster..
she is becoming every day more famous as a transexual..
simply because she is really gorgeous.. femme, delicate and wonderful.. and really hot inside!
I would like to dedicate to her.. this weekly starting..
posting this beautiful manifest about what a transexual is..
really i was touched by this short video.. in truth, really simply.. but a sort of confession..
in which i was able to discover something also sad and a little bit dramatic..
none is able to understand what i’m saying.. none except sissies like us..
so.. try to follow her words.. and to admire her outstanding beauty in the second clip i decided to post! ;))

Anna Malice

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