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#1878 – Maria Pia II

It was actually a long time since Maria Pia (AKA: Abba,Aba,Mariana,Mary Ann,Mariana Pia) was our star…
Stunning beauty from Argentina :)
She was a lucky girl having this huge yummy cock in this scene :)
And she took it like a real slut ;)
Really a great scene with some nice positions to be fucked :)

Anna Malice


One really short homemade video for today DF collection…
But it contains something that is ultimate goal for every sissy…
Being able to achieve sissy orgasm – sissygasm :)
Just from being fucked, just from stimulation of your boy pussy…
Like Yuki in this video squirting her love juice on the floor while going through powerful sissy orgasm…

Anna Malice


Another Saturday premiere reserved for the new artist, RemoveMyKnees…
Really a great hypno/trainer, especially for the first effort :)
Another nice HQ sissy artwork…
Great choice of scenes with hot captions :)
Really can affect your sissy mind ;)

Anna Malice


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