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Here is one interesting short story, written by Mr. S…
Written from the master’s point of view, makes it very nice read ;)

How a Good Gurl Earns It

By Mr. S

I read and hear a lot of sissy fantasies about how you little things want to be meek and submissive, to merely bend over and let your master do what he wants to you while you merely muffle whimpering moans into a pillow. I can certainly understand this desire. Letting a real man violate your pussy from behind while you subserviently try to handle the pounding is a great fantasy. But I don’t think it’s quite fair… I think a good gurl needs to all the work from time to time. I mean, in reality she’s the one getting all of her senses tickled. Sometimes a real man wants to lie back and have his little sissy pet please him. Let me explain a scene where she does all the work.
It all starts with my weightlifting incline bench. Real men lift heavy weights, sissy, and the bench has a flat chair with a 45 degree angled back to it. I can relax and strip down and recline back, exposing my pelvis and massive cock for easy access. As I lie back, I can reach the end table next to me and sip a nice bourbon or scotch and reach the remotes to the TV, DVD player, and stereo. In this position I don’t even have to move. In fact, the bench is made so I have a hard time moving because slipping around while lifting a couple hundred pounds over my head would be dangerous. I’m comfortable and relaxed with all my creature comforts. Now it’s your turn to do your work, sissy.
Throughout our session, you’ll be working hard and worked into a frenzy. Sweat will drip down your whole body and you will earn every blissful wave of sissy pleasure. It is so overwhelming you will lose all sense of self and connection to reality. Let’s start from the ground and work our way up, shall we?
First, you are wearing stunning high heels. Not the usual doing the dishes or vacuuming the floor 4 inchers but real bedroom 6.5 inch stilettos. They arch your feet dramatically, causing your feet to look so dainty, so tiny only a real sissy could truly appreciate. You keep them beautifully polished, as I demand and the mirror look of the black leather sets them off. They have a sturdy ankle strap that locks on, preventing them from flying off during the action. Wouldn’t want that, would we sissy? The locks also hold small bells to each shoe, giving you a nice jingle as you mince around. The heels are a bit high, causing you to be a bit unstable but hey, I’m on that solid weight bench guiding your every move so you aren’t going anywhere.
Moving up from the heels your legs are covered by gorgeous black stockings, the old kind with seams in the back that must be kept straight if sissy doesn’t want a spanking. They end perfectly at mid-thigh where they connect by four garters on each leg to your beautiful lacy pink garter belt. It’s full and strong and the lace gently tugs at your soft skin as you move your hips. And you’ll be moving your hips quite a bit, sissy. It’s your turn to do all the work! At the ends of the eight garters, where they clip to your delicate stockings, are eight little bells that jingle whenever your thighs move. There might be some music in your future!
Of course that ridiculously tiny clit is securely locked away in a bright pink chastity cage to match your garter belt. At times they blend together so well your clit seems to disappear. But what can’t sometimes be seen will always be felt. The cage is tiny and cramped, even for you. At the tip of the cage and the inside of the rear ring are metal leads that run to electric box that I control. If I feel you are not living up to your potential or not responding quickly enough to my demands, I’ll give you a little shock to help you focus. Of course at the tip of the cage are two bells that jingle as you bob up and down.
Your torso is squeezed into a heavy black leather corset, clasped in the front and tightly laced in the back. It restricts you from rotating at the hips and bending too far forward but I’m not worried. No need to do those movements today. More of an up and down kind of afternoon. It comes up to your small tits in the front and at the back has two D rings that I shackle your wrists to, crossing your arms in the back. This puts pressure on your back, making you stand with better posture and push your tits out. Speaking of your tits, your nipples are tightly clamped and the chain between them is weighted by… A bell! When your tits move, not only does the weighted chain tug at your nipples but there’s a pleasant jingle.
I fasten a heavy pink leather posture collar around your neck. It has a ring in the front for a leash but we won’t need that today. Instead I clip on a bell. Yes, another one. Since the collar restricts head movement, I don’t think we’ll be hearing much from it but why not? Moving up, your mouth is filled with a 1.75 inch diameter and three inch long rubber cock gag that buckles behind your head. It keeps you from uttering a word as it fills your mouth almost completely and has a large leather front piece that comes up to your nose. If you move your head too quickly it could gag you a bit. Now you’re glad for that posture collar, aren’t you sissy?
The last piece of clothing you wear is a heavy pink leather blindfold. It completely shuts out the world to your eyes, and that’s just fine. You don’t need to see today and frankly you might get distracted from doing a good job. I might have the TV on, muted, watching a sporting event, a porno, or even footage of your daily sissy workout which I make you record. You don’t really need to see any of this, there’s enough for you to focus on without worrying about what I want to watch.
So there you are: Teetering on heels, sensing leather and lace, heavily bound, straining in chastity, practically immobilized from the waist up, blind, and jingling like a bell choir with each move you make. Wrapped from head to toe in a sexy combination of black and pink, you visualize in your mind your stunning attire, driving you crazy with sexual desire. It seems to me like you’re the one who gets to have all the great sensations. Meanwhile I’m just sitting on a bench.
Time for you to get to work. I told you today you will do all the heavy lifting. You mince over to the bench and straddle me. My cock, hard from a quick blowjob you did before I gagged you, nuzzles right up to your ass pussy and you slowly lower down. Slow at first. I put my hands on your hips to guide you up and down but I’ll be damned if I’m going to help lift you. With a little encouragement, you start to move faster and faster and all the little bells start ringing out the song of your humiliation. I chuckle and I see your face turn red. Rather nice, this ridiculous pink and black fuck doll that calls out her slutty desires with a jingle on each stroke. Being blind, the sound of the bells echoes through your head as you struggle to keep a clear mind to hear my orders over them.
Most of my instructions are pretty simple such as having you switch which way you are facing. Sometimes I must correct behavior with the electricity in your cage. Going too fast or too slow, not going deep enough, or taking too long to adjust positions are normal. Sometimes I’ll have to remind you not to clench your fists. It’s un-lady like and it hides your pink fingernails. Every so often I order you to stop, stand, and bend so I can see that nice gape from my cock. I love it and I know you love embracing the shame.
As you ride my cock like a determined whore, you lose yourself. The sensation of the session is overwhelming. Having lost the sense of sight, the remaining senses heighten. Living totally in the moment, you are engulfed in the sound of the bells and the amazing shifts of physical sensation as you bounce up and down, always guided by me. Every time you lift yourself up to the tip of my cock you feel the pressure on your toes and calves from the heels. You feel the beginning of burning soreness in your thighs and welcome it. As you drive back down my shaft you feel the weight of your chastity cage and nipple clamps pulling down and flopping around and the gag pushing a little deeper. It’s overwhelming to the point that I can see a small leak of clear fluid dribbling from the chastity cage. I smile, knowing my massive cock is milking your girlie prostate. I collect all your discharge in my palm and wipe it in your hair, laughing to myself. You’ll wonder later why your hair is so stuck together. You don’t even notice amidst all the action.
Eventually I’m ready to cum and I order you to your knees in front of my bench. You comply as a good sissy should and I remove your gag. Immediately I thrust my cock into your open mouth and while the gag could tickle your throat my cock pushes deeper in. Soon I’m ready to shoot my load. You wait with an open mouth, hoping to catch it all. I cum powerfully into your mouth and immediately refasten the gag. You’re not getting that load swallowed in one gulp, it’s going to trickle down your throat for the next hour. Unfortunately, a few drops landed on your blindfold. I reach back and grab a spoon from the table and scrape up the missing drops. With the gag back in place, I only have one option to not waste my precious sperm. I hold the spoon under your nose and order you to inhale. You quickly do and choke a bit before calming yourself. You are a quivering, sweat soaked mess completely used up sexually and mentally spinning. I’ve barely lifted a finger.
The session now done, I help you to your feet and march you to the corner. I give you one hour of corner time and assure you that you did a good job and will be rewarded if you finish your corner time. It’s pretty simple. I don’t want to see you move or hear a bell for the next hour. You get to stand bound and contemplate what just happened. I don’t make matters easy on you by putting headphones playing white noise over your ears. I’m going to be watching a boxing match and I don’t want to distract you. Corner time will be tense because the white noise will prevent you knowing if a bell has rung until the hour is up and I tell you your fate. With all your energy, you struggle to hold still while your sore legs and feet ache. For the first time in the session you notice the tenderness and dull pain from your nipples. You feel the cum ooze around the gag and start to drain down your throat. With each breath, your senses get inundated by the cum in your nostrils. With so much sensation, the hour will be quite long. I told you that the sissy always gets to have the most fun.


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