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For tonight, exclusively for us, a new story from Mr. S!
Again, another work written from master’s perspective…
It’s a pleasure to have something like that on the site…
It’s right what we sissy gurls need ;)

Sissy’s First Cum Session

By Mr. S

Every sissy dreams of being a cum consumer but the passion fades with every release. Don’t worry little sissy, I’m here to guide you through the rough patch of learning to crave cum. I know you watch videos that suggest it and you want to be that gurl but when the time comes you back down. It’s not your fault, sissy. You need to be in the right state of mind with the right set of choices in front of you. You watch a video about cum eating but by the time you have shot your wad you merely stare at it in your hand and meekly walk to the sink and wash it away. Fantasy gone.

I’m going to walk you through a better design. I have no idea what kind of cum eating fantasy you are trying to accomplish. I know you are getting half through then regrettably washing the most precious part down the sink. I don’t care what trainer you watch or whose voice turns you on. I am a dominant man who likes to know sissies are being well behaved cum-sluts. That means you must eat cum. Period. Whatever fantasy you want to be a part of doesn’t matter. Most sissies have watched a cum trainer over and over, always cumming but never eating. Time for that to change. I want you to have a training video or audio clip picked out. The one that drives you wild. I know that there’s a special piece of media you have watched a few times and failed. That’s what I want you to get ready to watch again but in a slightly different scene.

The next step is chastity. If you don’t have a simple chastity device, buy one. I can get a cage at the local sex shop for $50. It works in the scene, if not for long term. If you 100% cannot get any chastity device, you can improvise by wearing many pairs of underwear (panties, ideally) to dull the sensation and a pair of jeans. Add a chain as a belt and a lock that holds the chain tight and the zipper up and voila you have a basic improvised chastity. It’s not as sexy as a real chastity but if done correctly you will be unable to pleasure yourself. Pity you must wear men’s clothing, but the chastity is the key. For this scene to work you must have some form of chastity to use. Otherwise, you will touch yourself and ruin the experience.

The setup: I want you to fill a cup with your semen. I know all sissies masturbate like it’s a religion, so there should be a few opportunities to fill a couple of teaspoons. You will be surprised how massive a load two or three cumshots will be, even by a sissy. Keep a few loads in the freezer, ready for the session. The hardest part of the whole ordeal is storing semen knowing what it will be used for. Once over this hurdle you are almost home, sissy. I’m not even going to tell you what to watch or how to masturbate, just collect those loads for later.

So you have your stored cum and your chastity device. Time to play. Make sure your chastity lock is unlocked. Leave the keys far away. Put them in the car, mailbox, or just hide them behind something outside. The point is that the keys are hard to get. You must leave your comfort zone to get them. Don’t worry, I’m not going to expose you. I want you to leave those keys in a place where you would never go dressed as a sissy.

Take a shower or bath. Before you enter you are something, afterward you are a full sissy. Imagine it as a portal. As you emerge, I want you to watch some porn. Edge at least three times and really engage. Then calm down. Relax and ice yourself. After a few deep breaths and calming it’s time for the chastity. Lock it on. I want you to put all of your attention into that dainty little click. It will be the loudest sound you have ever heard, echoing in your little sissy head. Remember the key is outside where you must be in public to get. Know there is no turning back.

After you have your chastity on, proceed with the full transformation. Do the panties (those using the fake chastity lose out on this sensation) and the bra. Get the right hosiery and makeup. Become the fantasy. Dress as much or as little as you desire for your dreams to come true. Some gurls want to be a full French maid while others desire only lingerie. I can’t understand or accept the idea that you could become a full sissy without heels but I guess some gurls don’t want their legs looking perfect. Personally, I like a little romper, pigtails, and furry heels on a redhead. But that’s just my fetish.

Feel free to expand on the scene. This is a great time for an enema and some dildo practice. I’m willing to bet that the more you play the hornier you will get. That’s just what we want. You need to be at your absolute horniest. Maybe you want to spend ten minutes standing in the corner blindfolded. Maybe you want to spend an hour on the treadmill in heels. This is the perfect time to move up a size in butt plugs. Bondage, blowjob training, maid work, pole dancing, bubble bathing, voice practice, and kissing practice are some of the oodles of fun behavior to be had as a sissy. It doesn’t matter. As long as you are completing your fantasy the level of desire will rise. This is your scene, the fantasy you have wanted to play out that ends in a good cum swallowing humiliation. Make it as elaborate as possible, curtseying as you enter each room or mounting dildos on the wall which need to be kissed in a certain order based on a dice roll. Most sissies, in chastity, will leak puddles of pre-cum. Use that as a starting point, consuming all your little leaks. You’ll find it an easy place to get in the right mindset.

One more thing about the scene. Are you really going to go through this sitting at your computer in that old, ratty chair? I think not. At the very least you need to be kneeling on the floor like a real porn slut. If you really want to set the scene, go out and get some nice pink bedsheets. Again, the point is to build the most exciting scene as possible. The more fetish you incorporate the more likely you will complete the task.

I have no idea what your sexual fantasy is. So many sissies have so many fantasies regarding cum swallowing and never do it. But here you are: driven to the extreme by edging, horny as hell, chaste, and willing for anything. Well, go ahead and watch your favorite cum trainer. Have your saved cum ready and follow the directions. I don’t care who instructs you or how you eat cum, I just want to make you a cum-eater. In proper chastity you will try to touch that sissy clit but fail and driven by horniness you will complete the cum eating task. I love seeing a gurl try to cum by pulling the chastity tube. The lock bounces and clacks but no orgasm will happen. Why does pulling on an unrelenting chastity tube feel good? I have no idea but every sissy seems to do it.

If I had my way you would be all done up in your most feminine outfit kneeling at a low table. With slow, graceful movements you would pour the saved cum into a martini glass, savor the aroma, and slowly drink it in multiple sips. Multiple sips means that you must keep focused on the task. If you really want to please me, video record the session and upload it to the internet. Even kept private, a video of the session will be powerful. It will drive you to complete the task. Just imagine touching yourself to your very own cum-eating video. It will help you focus.

Now, where do you stand? You must change and clean the makeup to go get the chastity key without letting everyone know your secret. That means, amidst your most horny and sexual moment you will be deprived. You must go back to your normal self. Know how this pleases me. You became a sissy and took cum as a sissy but must return to normal life in order to get your key. It is as if there are two personalities in you. I know that getting your key means you will frantically masturbate and cum within seconds. I don’t care. You’ll be doing it with cum on your breath and a sexual frenzy that can’t be matched. When it’s all over and you’re panting you will feel your true place. You have taken your first cum load and shown your true sissy self. If you took a video, there’s proof you are a sissy cum eater. It’s the first of many. If you were my sissy that video would be uploaded to the internet and I could forever show anyone I want that you are indeed a sissy cum eater. You will be exhausted and sweaty. You might have a good sissy cry. But you will definitely let out a quiet, demure, “Thank you, Mr. S”.


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