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Kerri is continuing with her series of short sissy stories..
So we will start the new sissy week with the new story ;)
Enjoy your reading dear sissies! :)

Sissy at the sex club

by kerriluvscum

Tuesday night I decided to stop by the sex club in Augusta. I did what I normally do which is start in a glory hole booth. I usually suck a few cock, maybe take one or two in my pussy and then branch out into the more public play areas. Weeelllllllll…

I was in the glory hole booth for almost an hour and there was nothing!!! It was one of the slowest nights I have ever seen there.So I moved out to the video room. sat there for a half hour. No one. I went to the dark room. Nobody. Ugggghhhhh!

Finally I went to the maze. I found a chair in on of the rooms and sat there in the shadows. Finally a guy walked in. Bald, black, bulge in his sweats. Momma likes! He comes in closer and I drop off the chair onto my knees. He reaches in those sweats and pulls out an award winner of a cock! In case u didn’t know I am a whore. Its true. And I sucked his cock like the whore I am. I went to town on it because I was pretty fucking horny by now. A couple of minutes in he pulls out my mouth and walks off shoving his dick back in his pants. My experience tells me he almost came and needs some time. i figure i will see him again because that head I gave him was fucking amazing.

I sit a while longer and not even the guy with the big dick has come back through. I was just about to give up when I saw this very muscular beast come walking around the corner I watched as he came up the hall and right to the door of the maze room I was in. He stood at the door and looked in. I dropped to my knees and held my mouth open. The Hulk(thats what I was calling him in my head) came right over. He pulled out a nice thick cock with a very big head and shoved it right into my slutty mouth. He went right to fucking my face, because to him my mouth is just another pussy. He worked my face over but soon he was reaching back and down into my panties. I moved so he could reach what he wanted and he responded by popping a finger in my pussy. I moaned loud as he worked it in and out. I took his cock out of my mouth. I looked up at him and said “Ur going to fuck me. Aren’t u?”. He smiled and “Yes, baby”.

I stood up and turned my back to him. He grabbed a packet of lube from his shorts and put some on his hand. He slid his hand between my cheeks and worked the lube over my cunt. I bent over and offered my cunt to him. He pushed himself against my cunt and pushed in. He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back. I groaned like a allay cat as his whole cock filled and stretched my hole. This is what I came for. A big cock balls deep inside of me.

The Hulk was amazing, gurls!!! He fucked me and fucked me. Verbally he was fantastic. Called me slut and whore. Asked me how much I luved his cock. Made me beg him to fuck me. We began to attract a small crowd. They watched as stroked as he drilled me. I never wanted him to stop.

I was so caught up in the pounding I was getting I almost forgot I had gotten the key to a Tower room. Tower rooms have slings and this bull was made for sling fucking!!!! I told him about it and he got very excited. We didn’t even dress. Just gathered up our stuff and headed out the maze. We went down the stairs and across the courtyard to the tower building. I took the stairs two at a time I was so excited.

We got inside and went right back at it. He kissed me hard and I grabbed his cock. I stroked it hard and it got erect again under my touch. We went to the sling and I hopped up. I got myself in prime position and then put my legs in the stirrups. I got a big hit of poppers and and got myself ready. The Hulk slapped a little lube on his cock and shoved it right back in. It was on hen. I was just like a human fleshlight to him. He worked that cock in me over and over and over. He was a very special top.

I got really excited with the way he fucked. His cock felt amazing and he had my ass so wet! I found myself stroking my cock and evidently clinching my ass. This drove him crazy and he fucked me harder. This made me crazier and I stroked and clinched more. Back and forth until BAM!!!! I exploded!!! I shot a huge load of cum onto my belly. And then several more shots as he pounded into me deep and hard.

We fucked a good while more after that. He thought he needed a break so I climbed down out of the sling. My legs were weak and shaky and it took me a few minutes to regain my balance. As I leaned against a padded table we began to kiss. I grabbed his cock again and stroked it. It was semi-hard so I got on my knees and gave him more incredible head. soon he was rock hard again and wanting more pussy. I bent over the table and he went right back inside of me. There was a mirror directly in front of us. I could watch how hard he was working as he fucked this slut. He was just so amazing. He kept asking if my cunt was okay and needed a break. i told him he was sweet but to fuck me like a bitch. He did!!!

We literally fucked for hours. He hit it from all kinds of angles and depths. He changed speeds and pace. He was a truly great top. And in the end, He filled my happy little cunt with his sweet daddy semen. He flooded. Cum ran down my legs as he stood behind me pumping it into me. I felt incredible!!!! My pussy was full and gaped. I had this big bull’s DNA permeating my sissy cunt. Life was so good.

I dressed and we talked for a minute. turns out he has a place at the facility’s campground so he is there a lot. He told me to come and get him when i cum back and we will do it again. Believe me, I will. Oh, I most definitely will.


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