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Another Mr. S’ short story from cruel master’s POV…
With a lot of BDSM ;)
Only for sissies who enjoys fantasies of total submission ;)

The New Sissy Spitroast

by Mr. S

I don’t permit you access to my workshop without permission. The large repurposed barn is where I make all my new toy designs and make a small income selling devices on the internet. It’s cluttered with wood and metal and the machinery I use to do my work. It’s no place for a sissy, really. I also like to keep my creations secret to surprise you when I put them into work. That’s why you panic a little whenever I tell you to follow me to the shop. I might be fitting you for a new steel restraint or measuring the proper height of a pillory. One never knows. I begin the day by informing you that I have a new toy and that you need to join me in the shop.

Once in the shop I order you naked and next to a large piece of wood that roughly fits your size. I know your exact measurements as I check them weekly to ensure you are maintaining my standards of physical form. I begin ratcheting straps around your body, tying them through slits in the wood frame. They are very tight and ensure that your body is completely immobilized. Slowly I work up your body until the only movement left to your discretion is your head. Once I retighten all the straps I put a large metal collar around your neck. It’s big and heavy, cut into two halves that I screw together. Fortunately, the inside is heavily padded for comfort. It also locks into place above the board you are secured to. Now you are rigidly secured from foot to neck.

I walk away and return. You panic helplessly as I tip you down horizontally and put the steel collar between two wheels with tracks that the collar fits into. I next lift your feet and fasten the end of the board to a metal shaft with fittings on the base of the board. Now you are lying perfectly horizontal, not uncomfortable, but firmly secured.

“Ready to rock and roll, sissy?” I laugh. “Just one more thing…” With that I tie your hair tightly and put a nosehook in your nostrils and pull it tight to the back of the collar. Now your head is fully restrained. All you can do is lie still and look forward.

I reach up and turn a dial on a suspended power box. Instantly you begin to rotate on axis. The metal shaft by your feet has been connected to a motor and you’re spinning like roasting meat. Initially you are thankful for the nosehook which keeps your eyes on the horizon, preventing motion sickness. Soon you lose sight of the shop as I step in front of you with my cock out.

“Open up, slut.” You do and I slowly enter your spinning mouth. My cock gets firm and I start pumping away as your mouth spins around my cock. I reach up and increase the speed slightly, causing you to spin faster. I start to time my thrusts, getting all the way in as you face up so my balls slap you in the eyes and your hooked nose is inundated with cock and balls. I start to have fun changing the speed of rotation and thrusting. For the most part you keep your eyes closed but when they open tears leak. Your face is my spinning fuck toy and I’m not going easy on it. I make you stick your tongue out at first and then have you lick back and forth. The sensation of fucking your face while you spin on my dick and lap left and right blows my mind.

After a while I pull out and stop the motor with you facing up. “Having fun?” I ask. “No, sir, it makes me a little nauseous,” you reply. “Well I think you just need more practice. I’ll be right back.” With that I drag a stand over that has a dildo attached to it. I stuff the dildo in your mouth and turn the motor back on, faster than before. You start spinning around the fake dick and I leave.

After what seems like hours but in actuality is more like five minutes I return and shut off the motor and remove the dildo. I hold a glass of water under you with a straw and you gladly suck down refreshment. As you finish I restart the motor and you wait open-mouthed for me to start fucking your mouth. Instead, I shove a can of whipped cream into your mouth and fill it with cream. You cough and sputter, tugging at your nosehook.

“If you’re going to puke I’d recommend not doing it while upright. No sense puking into your nose!” With that I jam my cock back into your mouth while you spin. Cream slops everywhere as I play with the new sensation. It feels good but the sound of whipped cream squishing out of your mouth as I drive my cock in makes me smile even more. Several times I stop to squirt in a fresh load of cream as you choke and sputter when it inevitably leaks into your nostrils and eyes. The small relief you get comes as my balls smack against you and knock loose the whipped cream from your face. It’s degrading, turning you into a human fuck machine and using a motor to control the speed you work. Every time you get comfortable with the rotation, I change the speed spray more cream leaving you disoriented and fighting both for air and to prevent puking.

Every little movement causes that cursed nosehook to pull hard on your nostrils, which by now are getting sore, and gives a twinge of discomfort that only seems to make things worse. It’s the nosehook that keeps you from rolling your head around to steady the sensation of spinning. There is no escape. From time to time I see you wriggling your fingers or kicking your feet in vain. A couple times you try to close your mouth but I persuade you into acceptance by slapping your tits as they spin by. It could, after all, get worse. Imagine the agony of weighted nipple clamps flopping around. And let’s not even dream about weights on your clit and little sissy sack. Already you’re a mess of whipped cream, tears, running makeup, and drool all whirling over your entire face. I might have to take pictures.

After a while of pounding your face the whipped cream has mostly been spattered on the floor and my legs. I’ve had my fun and I’m ready to release. Without warning I shoot a load right into your mouth. Helplessly, you struggle to contain it all, knowing the punishment for spilt cum. As I pull out, I see the struggle of merely holding my load in your mouth.

“Can you swallow while spinning?” I ask. You let loose a string of vowels that convince me the answer is no. “Well keep trying. This is a new skill for you.” Eventually, a little at a time you swallow everything. “Good job, sissy. Now get some practice while I go talk to clients.” With that I replace the dildo stand so your mouth is stuffed as you spin like a rotisserie chicken. I walk out the door and click off the lights as I leave you to practice.


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