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Our lovely friend Kerri continues with her short sexy BBC stories… ;)
Another testimony of sissy’s hunger for big black cock ;)

Hunting BBC, Pt. 1

by kerriluvscum

It seems as if Saturdays have become massive slut days for me. It might be that I work in Adult novelty and video store and it makes me so very horny. I don’t know what it is. But I have been going cock and cum crazy recently.

And I have also been finding some really great luvers! This week was a prime example. I ran an ad on craigslist(the sissy slut’s cock finder) and was on several social sites and found me some amazing partners. There are really three that I will share with you in three parts. I had a great time with each, well, an amazing time really. They were all amazing fucks and really put it to me.

the first is a guy that actually saw my videos and then searched me out when he realized I was in his city. I will call him Blacktop7.5. He found me on adam4adam, which is my second favorite hook-up site after craigslist. Blacktop7.5 sent me a message and we talked a couple of times. I added him to my friend’s list to keep up with him and I am glad I did. It was almost closing time and I was a very horny gurl. I got online and looked around for some BBC. I checked my friend’s list and saw that Blacktop7.5 was on. I messaged him instantly and we began to make plans.

I had always wanted to fuck in the store I work in. We don’t have a theater or booths or anything like that. I have had fantasies about going out in the middle of the store and telling the guys in there t come and get it! So I asked him if he would be up for coming by after-hours and fucking me. To my delight he was down! Hooray! I was excited and started getting ready.

He arrived and we went to a spot among the videos and toys. He was wearing sweats which i suggest to guys. Just makes it easier for me to get to their cock. I grabbed his cock thru his sweats and looked in his eyes. I told him I was going to suck his big dick and lick his balls and hopefully when I was done he was going to breed me. He smiled and I dropped down to my knnes.

He slid his pants down and I reached for his cock. It was semi hard and thick. Uncut and with thick veins it was a thing of beauty. It was one of those cocks that gets thicker and thicker as you get to the base. I call them “pussy spreaders”. I raised the head up to my lips and worked my tongue over the head. he popped open his poppers and took a big hit. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his dick whole. He groaned and put his hands on the back of my head. he drove his hips into my face and forced his cock as deep into my mouth as it would go. I moaned with pleasure and used my throat to fuck him. He fit well and it was working well. He would fuck me like this and hit poppers for a while.

I looked up at him and asked him if he was ready to be inside of me. He smiled again and said yeah. I stood up and turned around. I reached back behind me and took his swollen prick in my hand. I positioned him right against my sissy cunt lips and pushed my hips back. The head began to split me open. He put a hand on my shoulder and took his cock from me with the other. I leaned forward and bent over a bit more to give him a better angle to fuck me. He pushed himself in all the way which made me moan “oh yessssss, baby!”
His cock was thick and it spread me pretty well. We had a good rhythm together when we fucked. I pushed back hard to get his cock in me and he drove it down deep to feel the bottom. We fucked for a long time standing. He had stamina. I wanted him deeper and harder so I asked him to fuck me on the floor. I got down on all four and he mounted me from behind. As he went all the way back in me I asked him if this was as good as he thought it would be when he watched my movies and he said “Fuck yeah”.

We went back to fucking and with the new position he really gave it to me. He pounded me over and over and over. I squealed and moaned. I wiggled my ass on his cock when he would stop for a second. I lowered my head to give him full access and then got back up and fucked him back. We made a great team! And it was so hot fucking there among all the dildos and porn movies. I was down with my ass in the air, this big black stud was impaling me with his tool and it was wonderful! My clit was leaking all over the place and swinging as he rocked my body. He slapped my ass cheeks, the first of several to do that over the course of the night.

Blacktop7.5 was fucking me with all his might and I knew he was near. I pushed back to get him as deep as I could on every stroke. I wanted his orgasm to be special. “Here comes my nut” he told me. I told him I was ready and he exploded. My ass locked down on his dick as he shot semen inside my pussy. It happens after a great fuck. its like I am cumming, too. I tighten and waves of ecstasy pass through me. He shudders as the last bits of ejaculate dribble out into me. You can tell he has seen my videos because as soon as he pulled out he stood up with his hands on his hips and his erect cum-covered dick sticking out for me to clean. I wrapped my sissy lips around it and sucked and licked off the fuck juice. I made sure it was completely clean for him.

He was the first of the night and it was a wonderful start. Next time I will share the tale of a guy I met later on that night/morning thru a cl ad. Blacktop7.5 had stamina but the guy in the next story pretty much challenged me to a fuck-off, a battle to see who would say enough first. Has kerri met her match? Stay tuned, bitches! <3 xoxoxo 2211

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