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I have enormous pleasure and I’m so excited to publish today’s video!
Emma Nice (of Emperorhypnos) is back, and not only that she got a new video out…
It’s that the video is a sequel to the legendary Sissymaker
One of the very best videos of all time, a video that it is favorite to many many sissies… Timeless masterpiece of sissy art!
So when I saw the title “Sissymaker II”, I knew that I can’t expect nothing less than another masterpiece! ;) Like its name deserves!
And of course Emma’s ability to create sissy magic is incredible ;)
So just click play and let the magic take your mind! :)
Also, don’t forget to visit Emma’s blog too: http://emperor-hypnos.tumblr.com/
Enjoy! <3 Anna Malice


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