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Kerri’s “Hunting BBC” story series continues with a part II today ;)
Enjoy reading more of her hot BBC adventures ;)

Hunting BBC, Pt. 2

by kerriluvscum

I was having a good night so far. After leaving work I met a couple more guys. One was a latino who must have confused centimeters with inches when he said he had 8. But I gave him a nice blow job anyway. I should have stayed with the BBC so it was my fault for deviating.
At this point I have an ad on craigslist, a couple of social sites on my pc, and I am answering other’s ads on cl. When the bars closed there were several ads posted on cl from “straight” guys looking to fuck someone in the ass. One ad in particular sounded very intriguing. It read:

Looking to call a white or black boy faggot while I fuck him up the ass. It’s my first time doing this with a man and I’m curious, and I want to be able to fuck you doggystyle while the tip of my cock rubs your prostate and our balls rub against each other. I am hosting and free all night. Your pic gets mine. I’m black, average build 6″2 with a thick 8″ cock. I am real, we just lost an hour of time tonight.

Sounds like fun, right? I sent him a reply and hoped to hear back. I wasn’t disappointed. He got back to me and we made a plan to meet at his place. I wasn’t far from him so it didn’t take me long to get there.

He was waiting outside when I pulled up to his apartment building. I guess he was eager. We went straight to the bedroom. He was a typical college student and by that I mean he was messy lol. But I wasn’t there to decorate his apartment, I was there to get fucked. He got naked and lay back on the bed. I crawled up between his thick legs and got face-to-face with his cock. It was semi-hard when I took it in my hand. I put the head to my lips and licked it all over. He grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed down. I got the hint and swallowed his cock whole. His cock got hard very quickly in my wet mouth, And it got bigger. A lot bigger. He had my jaws stretched wide as he fucked my face. He was really fucking my mouth. He went hard, deep, and fast into my throat until I was gagging hard and had water flowing from my eyes. My eye make-up had to be a fright but he was luving it! He did it over and over while he told me what a faggot I am. He called me sissy and queer and then used my mouth like a pussy. I was in having so much fun but he was just getting started.

My new luver told me I needed to get my faggot ass pounded and got up off the bed. He told me to show him my pussy so I got on all fours and put my ass up to him. He spit on my hole and used his dick head to rub it in. I was still pretty lubed from earlier so I knew he was gonna go in pretty easy anyway. He was bigger than anything I had had so far that night but not close to the biggest I have ever taken which also made me confident he was gonna fit well. And he did. He shoved that big dick in hard and to the bottom right away. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back hard and tight to him. He told me to “hold there” and just went to work. He pulled his thick cock out to the head and ripped it back into me as hard and deep as he could. Fast. Over and over. My sissy cunt was going nuts!!! That big dick was stretching me out and opening me up with every stroke. I started to slam back to meet his thrust but he told me to stay still and let me him “fuck the shit” out of me.

I consider myself a “BBC queen”. Its a title I accept with honor. I luv BBC and get some at every opportunity. I have had more BBC in me than any other cock by a 2-1 margin. And we are talking a lot of cock! And in my considerable experience as a sissy slut for BBC that has met a lot of men via the internet, I am going to give my BBC sisters a tip: if a man has all or part of the n-word in his screen name or e-mail address it is almost 100% sure that he is going to fuck the hell out of you. Trust me, gurls. If that is what you r looking for you will find it from that guy. As I was right then. Young, strong, and full of cum was this guy. He was cocky, too. He would get close and pull out to prolong it. Then back in to wearing me out. I think he luved that he made me sound like a cat in heat when he was fucking me. I couldn’t help it! He was giving it to me so wantonly and with such animal desire it was making me crazy. My clit was dripping everywhere. I was making a mess on his sheets. He just kept driving that big dick into me and smacking my ass hard. My cheeks had to be dark red from his excited smacks on my back side.
I began to sense he was getting tired. Now, when he pulled out to stop from cumming he was asking me if I was alright. I was honest when I said, “I can keep going”. So he would go back in! After one really hard pounding I was breathing hard and giggling like a school-gurl when he pulled out. I rolled over on my back just to catch my breath. He looked so proud of himself. He knew he was really putting it on me. His beautiful, strong, young, black body covered in sweat had me so turned on. His cock stod straight out. I grabbed it and stroked it gently. “You are amazing with this” I told him.

He smiled and looked down at me. “You like that, huh?”
“I do.”, I told him. “A lot”
“You good?” he asked.
“Oh, yeah. Great, boo. My pussy is sooooo happy.” I told him.
“Well, I know you tired. I’ll let you stop.” Oh, no he didn’t! I wasn’t gonna give up on that dick yet, He hadn’t even cum. And this slut wasn’t close to tired yet. My ass takes on whole sex clubs and then goes home and gets fucked one more time before going to bed. This guy might think he has a good dick(and he really does!) but I have taken some pretty amazing cocks myself and he was gonna have to try harder than that to get me to say “uncle”.
“Oh, I can go more, boo.” I said coyly as I looked at his cock and bit my lip. “A LOT more.”

“Get that ass up here!” he ordered. I grinned big and got back into position. He slid his cock inside me and went back to work. I told him to use my ass like a fleshlight. It was there to make him cum real hard. He used me. He was fucking harder than ever. He was letting me move now and we got into a great hard fucking rhythm. I was focusing on how deep his cock was going into me and how great it felt. To my surprise he started pulling out again to keep from cumming. This motherfucker was still trying to outfuck me!

We went round after round. I was getting a little tired. This was some hardcore intense fucking. He never slowed down or eased up when he was in me. Maybe twice he would kind of stand still and let me fuck back on his cock. But it was not long and he grabbed me and fucked me hard again. All the time telling me what a fag and queer I am for luving his cock being inside of me. It was making me very hot.
This guy is so sexy. Dreads, big hands and legs. Pretty face with these lips that look so kissable(we didn’t). And I great smile! I can’t imagine some genetic girl wouldn’t want to be with him. I am thinking that maybe he has trouble finding a woman that will take such a hard fucking like that. Well, he found one in me. I luv it!!!
Our face-off continued. Well actually he was doing me doggy so faceoff isn’t accurate, but neither one of us seemed ready to give in. I decided to give him an opening, so to speak, and blurted out as he was driving his cock deep inside of me “I can’t wait to feel how hard you cum!”

He saw his chance and took it. He Put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my face down on the bed. He got all his weight up over me and drove his dick down into my open hole. He had precum a lot so I was really creamy. He was grunting like a neanderthal and pounding away at my cunt. His swollen prick slammed into my pelvis with all his might, intent on splitting my ass in two. I felt his load flooding my pussy and then he gave a growl “Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!” He was thrusting hard and ejaculating more cum with each one. Cum was coming back out and running down over my taint. He began to slow down as the last bit of semen dripped out of his dick and into me. He stood straight up and pushed his dick all the way back into me and held it. I squeezed him tight to hold him in. He smacked my ass cheeks gently and then rubbed them. We were both breathing hard and laughing. We had just done something really good.

He had to pull out, despite my protestations. Of course I cleaned his cock. It was a mess, much like my ass. After I had licked and sucked his cock and balls he headed to the bathroom. I laid back on the bed to catch my breath and reflect on what we did. I t was a fantastic fuck! He used me like a sissy should be. He took me how he wanted. He got his nut and it was real good. I was proud.
He came back and we talked for a few minutes. We made a date for Friday night after I get off work. Not sure if it will be at the porn store or his place. I am hoping he will wanna do video soon. DL brothas are hard to get to do one. I cleaned myself up and thanked him again for the good time. He walked me out to my car and gave me a hug. His arms were so big and strong!

I started my car and headed towards the gate of his apartments. One would thing after that fuck I would be happy, go home and masturbate, and call it a night. These are people I call “people who are not major BBC sluts like me”. If they were they would understand that BBC is an addiction that never goes away. Even after taking a wonderful BBC like the one I had just been with, a BBC sissy slut is ready to take more. So I got on my phone before I drove out of the gate. I pulled over to the side and began to hunt again. I checked my email as well as the social sites to see if I had any other messages. I wasn’t sure what I was going to follow that last hook-up with, but I was going to find a way to top it. And I did…
But THAT is a story for part three, sweeties. See you then!


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