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Ok, so it’s time for Saturday night hypno premier…
And what’s better for this special night then another new video from Emma Nice of Emperorhypnos?
So yes, after last week absolute masterpiece Sissymaker II…
Emma is blessing us with another magical sissy creation that only she is able to create :)
And this time it’s again a sequel to one of her legendary classics…
#1724 – Sissy Cocksucking Submission now got a part two :)
And I don’t think I even have to tell how excited I am whenever a new Emma’s artwork is out :)
Because she is the master of this sissy art…
And the way she tells you that your role as a sissy is to submit to real men’s cock is so effective and hypnotic ;)
Dono’t really need any more introduction, just enjoy sissy gurls!

Anna Malice


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