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For today, a new short story by our gurl Kerri ;)
The most exciting thing about her stories is…
that they are all true and based on her real experiences ;)
This time coming even with the actual photo of this delicious big black cock that the story is all about :)

Caesar invades my ass

by kerriluvscum

I know I owe u gurls part 3 of my last adventure and I will share it soon. I have had a busy week. But I continue to have amazing luck finding the choice BBC bulls on Saturday nights. I just had to share this stud with u. His handle was “Julius Caesar” and he was truly a BBC emperor! This cock was a true thing of beauty. I could barely fit half in my mouth. Thick and uncut, he fucked my mouth pussy well.

I feasted on his beautiful cock and kept thinking of how that cock was going to stretch my cunt. I was both excited and afraid. I looked up at him with a mouthful of cock and hungry eyes. He knew what I wanted. he told me to stand up and trun around. I got off my knees and popped up on my feet. I had on a new pair of black 5″ stilettos so balance was going to be challenge. He handed me the lube and I put some in my hand. I grabbed his shaft and stroked it, spreading the lube over it. I wiped the rest on my sissy pussy lips. and turned my back to hum. He was a beast! He grabbed his dick in one hand and grabbed my left shoulder with the other. he pushed me forward and said “Bend all the way over”. I did what I was told but before I could get all the way over he found my hole and went in hard. Real hard. Real, real hard. i yelled out like the bitch I am. That big motherfucker ripped me wide open! I tried to pull away but he grabbed me by both shoulders and held me. He pushed his weight forward and he was nearly all the way in. My ass was on fire! It has been a while since I had been fucked by anything that big. My electric butt plug isnt even as thick as his cock! My daddy’s dick is as long but is maybe 2 inches thinner than the cock in me now.

Caesar began fucking me hard. He rared back and drove his cock into me with very bad intentions. I yelled loudly with every thrust. Slowly I began to open up. The poppers were helping. I was taking several hits trying to relax my hole and take him all. It was feeling good now so I started fucking back. He slapped my ass and told me to get that dick. I was getting into the rhythm now. Just as I was gaining confidence he went in as deep and as hard as he could. Maybe he was just trying to remind me that his cock could still do that to me, but it was effective. I was having trouble keeping my balance on those heels with the way he was pounding me. I grabbed onto one of the video racks for to steady myself. He just saw it as an opportunity to get rougher! He grabbed my hips on both sides and yanked me back onto his cock over and over. I tried to hold onto the rack but it pulled away and we stumbled back. Videos spilled onto the floor but we kept fucking.

He pounded me that way for a while before telling me he wanted me to sit on his cock. he pulled out and took a spot on a stool. he held his cock up and told me to get back on it. I backed up to him and reached behind me. His wet cock was throbbing and rock hard as I put the head against my hole. I spread my legs wide to get good balance and slid my pussy down onto his cock. I took him all the way in and was proud of myself. “Fuck yourself on that dick” he ordered. I was like a Easter bunny on the bunny trail, gurls! I was going up and down as fast and as hard as I could. I was now laughing from ecstasy as his cock was feeling so good. I rode him until I was exhausted. Then I stood in place and he jammed his cock up into me. Bam! Bam! Bam! He drove his BBC up inside my fuck hole. Then with one thrust he sent me stumbling forward.

He saw this as an opportunity to fuck me in a new position. He told me to lie on my back. I got on on my back down on the floor. He took my legs and threw them up in the air. I crossed my legs so he could hold them with one hand. Caesar took his cock and put it back inside of me. He let go of me legs so they were resting on his shoulder and lifted his body up on his and toes. Like he was drilling for oil he started pumping his dick up and down into what was now a very wet pussy. The new andle was opening up parts of my hole he hadn’t hit yet. I was being stuffed and I was in heaven! I threw my arms out to my side and looked up at the ceiling. I yelled out how much I luved his big cock fucking me. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I yelled out. He was. He kept me pinned down and worked me over. There was a moment where I was marveling at how lucky a gurl I am to be getting such a fucking from this sexy, beautiful, big, black bull.

Caesar pulled his massive dick from me and told me to come taste my ass on his dick. I got up quickly and began sucking that dick like the greedy whore I am. It was sweet and oozing precum. I licked and sucked his dick until he was ready to fuck me again. he stood me back up and bent me back over. My legs were now shaky from the pounding so I used another rack to steady myself. Caesar rammed me for a good while longer. I could tell this time he was fucking with the intention of cumming. He was going hard and deep and kept saying “Yes!” a lot.

Suddenly he pulled out and told me to put my mouth on his dick. I turned around and bent over to get face-to-face with the monster that had been inside of me for the last hour and a half. He shoved my head down on his dick and put as much of it as he could fit into my mouth. I could feel him spurting his load into my hungry mouth. He kept pumping and pumping. I looked up at him as if to say “Are u ever gonna stop cumming?” His eyes were rolled back in his head. He had a death grip on the back of my head, obviously wanting to make sure it all went in my mouth. He squeezed his cock repeatedly to feed me every drop he had. I was trying not to swallow any yet but he was quickly reaching capacity. I didn’t know if my mouth could hold much more semen! He moaned and looked down. He slowly pulled his cock from my cum-filled face pussy, careful not to let any of his seed spill out. Once his cock was all the way out I looked up at him and opened my mouth up wide so he could admire the volume of his load. He looked satisfied so I closed my mouth and swallowed. I got it all down in one big gulp. I opened my mouth up again to show him it was ll gone. He took his cock, which had a little drop of cum on the end, and put it in my face. i licked the cum off the tip and then kissed it. He took it and slapped me a couple of time. “Damn u luv cock” he remarked. I smiled at him and swallowed his cock one more time. I took my hand and squeezed it from the base to the tip to try and get any remaining jizz he had into my mouth.

We made plans to do it again next weekend as we dressed and straightened ourselves up. Caesar gave me a good smack on the ass as he headed for the door. I watched him as he got in his vehicle and drove away. I luv my BBC daddy, but this stud could make me forget my name, gurls!! I am sooo getting me a lot more of that. I just may need to get a bigger dildo to practice for him.


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