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After some time, another master story from our Mr. S…
Enjoy your reading gurls ;)

The Seven PM Ritual

by Mr. S

I get home every day a little after 4 and immediately get changed and go out to my shop. My small business creating metal work keeps me busy and satisfied. I’m out there grinding and welding for the next couple hours until I notice it’s seven o’clock. Every day I’m done at seven and come inside to relax. I dust myself off, remove the coveralls and welding jacket I keep in the shop, and stroll back to the house satisfied with another day done.

When I get to the front door, you’re waiting for me all done up in your French maid’s uniform. I always smile when I see you dressed just so with long curly hair, delicate lace all over your body, and enough petticoats to puff your skirt wide out. The fishnets and heels aren’t bad either. With a smile you sweetly say, “Welcome home, sir,” and elegantly curtsey with your left hand while holding a serving tray in your right. After the curtsey, you extend the serving tray with your white gloved hands and I gladly lift the ice cold tumbler off, swirl it for a minute, and eagerly sip it. The perfect Manhattan. I’m a bit of a cocktail snob and this combination of 3 parts Jim Beam Black, 1 part Punt e mes (Italian vermouth), and two drops of bitters shaken with ice and neatly strained really cools my jets. I’m so glad I trained you to make and serve all my favorite cocktails. “Perfect,” I almost whisper, “OK, go get changed.” “Yes, sir,” comes the quick, polite reply with another gentle curtsey. Once righted again, you quickly turn, fluffing your petticoats and walk to your room with purpose.

I ease into my armchair in the living room and close my eyes to relax. It’ll take a few minutes for you to get ready. I mean, there’s so much to take off… The uniform, the collar, the hosiery, the corset, and the gloves all take time. It all needs to be folded properly and put away neatly. I smile as I think about it. Alone with my thoughts, I slowly sip my cocktail and relax. I’m already in a more peaceful mind state relaxing after work and my side business but I’m looking forward to you pushing my buttons and lighting a different fire in me.

After a while, you make your appearance. I hear your heels clack down the hall and I turn to see your leg enter the living room slowly, knee first and gradually extending a glittery platform heel. The rest of your body comes into focus as you gracefully twirl into the room. I get a full view of your whole body in the process. Besides the heels you are only wearing a bikini, bright pink with delicate strings holding it together. The top is pretty simple but small triangles as you don’t need much support for those little hormone tits but the bottom is pure magic. As delicate and skimpy as the string sides are it provides ample support and pressure to keep your chastity held snug up front. It has slight ruching to give a little space for the chastity and keep it fairly well hidden. The back is ruched as well, tugging in all the right places. It looks like a moderate cut bottom that just can’t be prevented from riding up. It’s really meant to be worn as a thong but the look of inescapability makes it hotter. It’s as though you are powerless over your outfit and can’t keep your ass covered. You’ve even painted your lips bright pink to match your outfit. I love it.

As you enter the room, you start to dance. The stripping aerobics classes I had you enroll in really helped improve your dancing skills. I continue to sip my drink as you shake and gyrate for me. I like seeing those little titties bounce in your tiny top but I really like seeing you turn around, bend over, and show that ass. You work it and bounce it all over the place for me. Squatting down and slowly straightening your legs while your head stays low while simultaneously twisting and popping your ass makes me stir. I smile, thinking to myself that Miley should see my sissy twerk. As you jiggle that butt I can just make out the outline of the plug’s base through your bottom. Perfect. What a great way to keep those hips swaying wide, just the way I like.

After a while, you make your way to me and slowly ease down onto my lap. Girls and gurls who know how to slow a lap dance down and really get a man horny are the best. I crave the gentle, tender caresses and smooth glides over my body. Unfortunately for you, this is where a real girl shines, dragging her wet pussy down my leg and leaving her snail trail for me. Even on your best day I’ll still feel that hard, clunky chastity lock. It makes me laugh on the inside a little but I’d prefer the pussy. Knowing this shortcoming makes you work even harder, though so it’s not a total loss. Every so often when you roll back I feel the base of the butt plug that helps you keep your hips moving and it turns me on. At last I’m hot and ready for my blowjob. I gently push you off of my lap and unzip my pants.

You assume the position eagerly, kneeling on the floor and pull my pants off completely. You slowly nuzzle up to my boner and gently lick and kiss the tip. Holding the shaft, you flick your tongue just under the head where it’s most sensitive. All the muscles in my body relax and I seem to sink into the chair. Gradually you work the entire shaft into your mouth and begin bobbing up and down like a whore. On the upstroke I see your beautiful eyes just beginning to tear up and on the down stroke I see down your back and get a shot of the pink thong perfectly nestled in your ass crack. The perfect sights to go with the sucking and slurping sounds.

I’m every bit as particular about my blowjobs as I am about my cocktails. Soon, without any prompting from me you begin a new pattern where you go all the way down my shaft and when you come back up you circle the head of my cock with your tongue without letting it completely leave your mouth. I’m in ecstasy. Each stroke you alternate which direction your tongue circles… clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise, counterclockwise. It’s a difficult pattern to maintain but I have trained you well. I know that in your sissy mind you are singularly focused on the direction of your tongue twirls. That’s the level of commitment and dedication I get through training and chastity from a well-behaved sissy.

After a few minutes, I grab a handful of your hair and lift you off my dick. I smile when I see the beginnings of mascara running down your cheeks. You know what it means when I hold your hair and instinctively you reach back with both arms and grab the heels of your shoes. You lift up on the heels, pulling your feet off the ground and leaving you vulnerable and helplessly balanced on only your knees. Immediately I push your head down on my cock with vigor. It’s hard to keep your hands on your heels while I fuck your mouth, especially with the obvious hair pulling involved but you struggle to maintain the position. I push hard and deep and soon you’re choking and sputtering everywhere. I lift your head off my dick, granting you just a moment to breathe and then it’s right back down. Every time you get close to puking or passing out, I yield just enough time for you to regain your composure but not enough to be comfortable. You struggle to hold your heels trying not to disappoint me by dropping the position. I like you to be helpless and subservient to me. The pounding continues forcefully with a combination of choking, gagging, sobbing, and drooling.

Feeling merciful I ease you back and let go of your hair. You know that part is over and you’re glad for the break. By now your cheeks have streaks of mascara and you look more than a little used. I ease back and lift my shaft. Knowing what that means, you let go of your heels and come forward, taking my balls in your mouth. You suck on my balls and tickle them with your tongue and I moan. You swoon at the privilege of having my big, salty balls filling your eager sissy mouth. Soon, I begin slapping my cock onto your forehead, distracting you and making the experience humiliating. You wince and squeeze your eyes closed each time I slap that mighty mushroom right on your face. It’s partially due to the thud of hard cock on your forehead but also due to the sticky wet drool you left on it. I’m openly laughing and even faking it occasionally just to see you tense up. I like the feeling on my balls when you react, the slight tug and sensation of you gulping in anticipation turns me on.

When I’ve had my fun I quickly say, “You know what to do now, sissy.” I ease back and you gently let my balls pop out of your mouth. Slowly, you ease under my balls and tongue tickle my taint until you get to my asshole. Time to shine. You toss my salad with rabid desire, licking all around in circles and darting in and out. While licking, you reach up and jerk my cock. I relax and enjoy it. I don’t think there’s an act more sissy than serving a man’s ass. Pure humiliation. I like it because it cements your role under me. You must focus both on your tongue work and on jacking my dick. It’s almost a religious experience, licking my ass while inhaling the underside of my balls and straining to keep a hand on the cock.

Eventually I’m ready to cum. I stand over you and you once again arch back and grab your heels. I pump your mouth a few times and them violently cum all over your face. As I finish, you slurp my cock into your mouth and draw out the last few drops to savor. When I pull back, you are allowed to let go of your heels and with only one finger push all the cum into your mouth. Once all my sperm is in your mouth I give you permission to swallow, which you do eagerly. Once done, you blow me a kiss saying, “Thank you, sir.” You then lean forward and kiss the tip of my cock and say, “Thank you, cock.” I just love hearing that. I dismiss you saying, “Go fix your makeup. And put on something nice for dinner.” You scurry off, the daily ritual has been completed.


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