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Finally, third episode from Kerri’s “Hunting BBC” series ;)
Enjoy your read ;)

Hunting BBC, Pt. 3

by kerriluvscum

Time for the long awaited part three of my tale…
By the time I left the college stud, (who is still fucking me weekly) it was getting very late. If I was anything other than a total whore I would have gone home. But I am what I am, gurls, so I was right back online looking for another playmate. Boy did I find one! I was on a4a(adam4adam) and got a message in my inbox. A very cute and sexy TS named Ciara was looking for some pussy. And she has a very big dick!!! I luv me some big black cock! I haven’t been with a TS in a few months so I was very excited!
She was about 10 minutes from college boy’s apartment so I got there very quickly. My pussy was still full of college boy’s cum. I hoped Ciara wouldn’t mind. She was all business when I arrived. She told me to get right upstairs. I moved quickly up the staircase and into her bedroom. She took her dick out right away and got up on the bed. I climbed on with her and began sucking on her semi-erect cock. It was almost too fat to go into my mouth. I was extra careful when I was sucking on it. I didn’t wanna scrape it with my teeth. She was very aggressive with my mouth and her dick got hard quickly. She didn’t waste much time with the head. She wanted my ass!
I got in the middle of the bed like she anted. I put my head down and my ass up as she instructed. She stood beside the bed and squirted lube into her hand. She grabbed her big, fully erect cock and stroked it a few times to cover it with lube. Then she squirted more in her hand and massaged it into my sissy cunt. I was still pretty wet from my earlier encounters so I didn’t need much priming.. Ciara climbed back onto the bed and positioned herself in behind me. She put one hand on my back and I felt her rubbing that thick cock up and down my ass crack. I pushed my hole back against her cock when she was rubbing it up and down. The head slipped inside of me and she found her spot. She pushed herself further into me. I was open from the earlier poundings so it didn’t hurt. But she still stretched my hole wider! That big dick was so filling!!!! And it felt so amazing!!! Ciara pushed herself in until she was completely inside of me. Then she began working her cock all around. She was aping my hope as much as she could.
After a few minutes of working me open she stopped. She pulled her cock as far back as she could and then pushed it all back in. I moaned out like an alley cat when she hit bottom! I couldn’t believe how good her cock felt being so deep inside. She backed her dick out and then put it all back in. Again I howled. Ciara began picking up the pace. Faster and deep. I began pushing back to take her hard inside of me. She had the stroke now and was going to town. I could feel college boy’s cum running down my thighs as Ciara drilled my cunt. This gurl had stamina! She was going at my asshole relentlessly. To be honest, it was probably better I had the warmups before taking on this fucking. Ciara was feeling it as much as I was because dhe was slapping my ass and telling me to take her cock like the little bitch I am. And so I did.
We fucked for a while. She got off the bed and dragged me to the edge for some power fucking. Then she stood still and told me to fuck myself on her dick. She had me saying her name and begging her for more dick. And I did it gladly. We went at it until she couldn’t taqke the dry mouth anymore and took a break to get a drink.
I flipped on my back and caught my breath. The room was spinning from this incredible ass fucking I was getting. Ciara came back in and finished her drink while she stroked her cock. She had me finger my hole for her amusement while she stroked. Her thirst satisfied she now had a hunger for more pussy. She told me to flip over and get back in my original position. She had one leg thrown up over my back and was pretty much directly over me. She took her still rock hard cock and pushed it down into my thoroughly open sissy cunt. Then she slammed that big dick into me as deep, hard, and fast as she knew how. I looked back and saw her hips working like a piston, driving back and forth at a furious pace so she could wreck my ass. I was laughing and moaning from the ecstasy she was giving me. My pussy was wide open and pushing back to meet her thrust.
Suddenly she pulled all of the way out. Then bam! She went back in hard. Then all the way out. She waited…then bam! Back in again. She was teasing my hole. Making it ache for her cock to be back in. She gave me a few more rounds of that before back to destroying me butt again. By now all my makeup was spread all over her sheets from where her fucking was pushing me all around. I didnt care. I screamed out “Yours! All fucking yours!” after she asked me who’s pussy mine was.
She mixed the pull out fucking and the total ass pounding back and forth for a good while longer. By the time she told me she was gonna nut I had gone into a fuck coma. There was nothing in that room but her cock fucking me. It became my entire world. I never stopped trying to take it as deep as I could. I was giving her all that ass in hopes of getting a semen reward.
She had me by the hips now and was directly behind me. She was fucking that huge cock up and into me. I reached back between my legs and stroked her balls as she fucked me. It took Ciara a long time to work up that load. Her cock was so hard. I was in both pain and pleasure as she got closer and closer. I thought her cock was going to explode my cunt it felt so big in me. Then she collapsed down on me. I felt her breast resting on my back as she held her dick all the way up in me. She convulsed over and over from her orgasm. I locked my cunt down tight onto her. I wanted her to cum for as long as she could. She stayed very still, even as I gripped her cock with my pussy and milked it. She held her spot. Cum was running out of me as Ciara leaned back. She grabbed her cock in one hand and pulled it from my overflowing hole. She slid her thumb up in me and got it covered in cum. She leaned forward and put it in front of my mouth. I sucked it dry and then told her I wanted that dick in my mouth. She got off the bed and I rolled over on my back. She straddled my face and put her dick into my open mouth. I showed appreciation in my eyes as she fed me her cum covered magic stick. I lapped up her cum(and I am sure some of college boy’s and other’s). I licked her balls and kissed her beautiful dick. Then the sweetie went and got a wash cloth and cleaned my pussy for me. Gurl’s are so sweet!!!
Again I should have gone home but I stopped on my way home and took some so-so latino cock. Still, it was an amazing night of cocks. Certainly one of the best nights I have had outside of a sex club.


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