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#2458 – Lulu

Really hot and sexy shemale video for today!
Our star is Lulu (AKA Naty)…
I found this video just now and enjoyed it so much! ;)
A lot of passion and love… Sometimes hard fucking, sometimes real sensual lovemaking :)
Anyway, true sissy inspiration!
Enjoy! :)

Anna Malice


Another sexy amateur video for our collection ;)
Starring sexy sissy doing what sissies are supposed to :)
Pleasing real men!
A lot of 69 here :)

Anna Malice


For this Saturday night premiere, we got a new video from Trojansoul ;)
“Pron has reprogrammed me” is Trojansoul’s ode to the art of sissy hypno and porn…
And how it affected all of us sissies ;)
I’m sure all you cock craving sissy gurls recognize yourself in this ;)
And that’s a good thing :)

Anna Malice


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