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The most excited part for me is when we got a new video from some of the best artists on the scene…
Especially if it’s a new episode of some of the famous sissy series!
And “Sissy Dream” series (first two episodes are under #2459 and #2168) by Dingos75 are definitely among the best sissy videos ever! ;)
And now, after more than a year, Dingos75 is back with the third “Sissy Dream” series…
And it’s definitely one of the best sissy videos I’ve seen lately…
Long, seductive, so powerful!
Perfect visual and audio effects, it simply have to touch every sissy’s heart and soul!
And not only that, it even comes in two language versions: English and Russian!
So I’m sure all our sissy gurls from Russia will be delighted :)
I know that my site is visited by sissies from all around the world…
We are in every corner of this planet :)
So from time to time it’s nice to see videos in some other languages other than usual English :)
Thanks Dingos75 for making this masterpiece and thanks Taiko for sending it to me!

Anna Malice




Sexy black shemale Alyssa Hung is our protagonist of shemale collection today ;)
Naturally busty and curvy…
So feminine, but also dominant sometimes ;)
Anyway, a hot scene!
Enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice


It’s been months since the last story I posted…
So I got a new one for you gurls ;)
And it’s a new story by Mr. S!
And you know that you can always expect great and original stories from Mister’s point of view when he’s writing them ;)
I like how he speaks directly to you… to a sissy! ;)

Helping A Friend

by Mr. S

My longtime friend Steve has been on a string of bad luck. He’s nothing but a drone at work and to cap things off his girlfriend just left him. Best thing possible, I thought. The bitch never took care of his needs and he just lost the confidence to demand any sex. Worse, she refused to give him head. I don’t know how a man could live like that. When I met him for lunch he seemed slumped and weak, hardly filling his suit and almost smaller in the shoulders. We’ve known each other since college and it pained me to see him like that. I suggested a vacation but although he has plenty of money he just can’t get away from work. I suggested we go out for drinks and maybe a little flirting with girls. He told me he just wanted to be alone. Knowing I was running out of ideas and fearing his depression, I pulled my final card. “How about you swing by my place on the way home tonight and let my sissy give you the blowjob of your life?” He knows our arrangement but still hardly reacted to the offer. Still he hadn’t said no. Not giving him the chance, I finalized it. “Done. We’ll expect you around six.” Steve stammered a bit but reluctantly agreed.

“Now don’t forget, sissy. He’s distraught and a little lost. I want you to do everything in your power to wake up the man in him. Encourage his dominance.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll put all my talents to work,” comes your quick reply.

Shortly after six Steve arrives and I greet him at the door with a tumbler of Scotch. We chat and I invite him into the sunroom. He practically falls onto the sofa with his eyes closed and I decide to let my girl do the work. I zip back to the kitchen and send you in. As he opens his eyes he sees you wearing a blaze red bikini with matching heels and lips. Perfect to wake up his inner desires. He adjusts a little but you’re on him quickly, kneeling on the sofa over him. You gently tug on his shirt collar while grinding your hips and whisper, “Like what you see, baby?” He slowly nods a little and you deftly spin around and rub your ass into his chest. “How about now, any complaints?” Steve meekly looks down at your beautiful red bottom with its ruched back rubbing on him and murmurs under his breath. You pick up on it immediately and look over your shoulder at him. “What could I do better for you, sweetie?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just would’ve preferred a thong on you. No big deal.”

“Well,” comes your reply, “Why don’t you just give me a little wedgie?”

Steve is dumfounded but slowly lifts his hands to your bikini and gently pinches the fabric. Exhaling nervously he gives them a little tug and pulls them right up your ass crack. “Oooh!” you squeal, “That felt great. Is that better for you?”

“Yeah, that was fun,” he replies.

Swiftly you kick your legs to one side of him and lay across his lap. “It’s been my experience that thong guys also like to spank. Why else have my butt exposed? Wanna give me a spanking for being a naughty sissy slut?”

“Umm… OK.” Steve hadn’t anticipated this and gingerly slaps your but cheek with no force at all.

“You should spank me harder than that,” you reply as you wiggle. “I want my butt red and burning while your cock’s in my mouth.”

The next series of spanks comes harder and harder as Steve gets comfortable with the fact that you can take a good spanking. As the smacks rain down on your unprotected ass you whimper and squirm adding to the ambiance. Eventually the spanking stops and Steve rubs your bright red ass.

“Does my butt match my outfit?” you giggle as you sit back up kneeling over Steve, facing him. He keeps his hands on your ass still rubbing and tracing your bikini down your ass crack. “It feels so good to feel your wedgie and spanking. Pleasing you makes me so happy.” He keeps rubbing and slowly gets near your asspussy. Quickly you grab his hand and bring it up stuffing his index finger into your mouth and suck it a few times. As you pull it out you tell him, “Go ahead, put it in,” with a wink. He slowly works his finger in and you ride him, bouncing on his finger for a few minutes. You moan and purr and tell him how he hits that “sissy spot” perfectly. You pull your top aside revealing your small hormone tits and pinch and squeeze your nipples right in his face.

After a few minutes of riding and grinding, Steve seems to loose intensity and you pull his finger out and shove it right back into your mouth to clean it. “My ass tastes great on your finger. I think you have a little bit of an ass fetish, honey.”

“I suppose I do…” trails Steve as you get up and go to the endtable and return with a butt plug with a remote. As you lick the plug to lube it you tell Steve, “You hold the remote and turn up the vibration when I’m being a good girl. Try it.” You hand him the plug to test, turn around, get on all fours, and one by one kick your knees up on the sofa straddling Steve. “Go ahead and put it in, sweetie.” He pulls your bikini aside and slowly works the plug into you. Without being prompted he tests it, going from low to high a few times and each time you purr and moan. When he’s satisfied that it works you nimbly stand up but before turning ask him, “Could you make sure my wedgie is tight again? I want to be perfect for you.” This time he firmly grabs your bikini and yanks it up with some force. You jump a little, yelp in surprise, and smile because you have brought back his dominant side. Time to start the real show.

You spin and drop to your knees and bury your face in Steve’s lap. Through his trousers you kiss, lick, and rub your face over his stirring cock. You unbuckle his belt slowly and unbutton his trousers. As you slowly pull down the zipper with your teeth the vibrator rumbles to life in your ass and you moan much to Steve’s pleasure. His cock flops out and you begin to tease it slowly. Light kisses on the tip and delicate licks down the shaft just to rev him up. Eventually you take him into your mouth with one long powerful suck. Steve groans and as you pop off the tip you look up to him and demurely say, “Your cock tastes delicious.” Steve smiles as you plunge back down on his cock and you are giddy knowing no woman has ever told him that before.

After a few more minutes of bobbing, Steve says, “Why don’t you take my trousers all the way off?” He shimmies out of the seat of them and you pull them all the way off and drop them on the floor. The vibrator stops. “Fold them nicely, please,” Steve scolds. You turn, both to fold the trousers and to hide your trampy smile. He’s figured out the reward system. Once folded, you return to sucking. You go through several patterns but Steve must like your corkscrew motion the best because as soon as you do it the vibrator starts buzzing again. The feedback is great. You pause momentarily to tell him, “I love that you control my ass,” and go right back to corkscrews.

After a while the vibrator once again goes silent and you pull back, jerking Steve’s cock with one hand while looking up into his eyes. “What can I do for you now?” you ask.

“Why don’t you lick my balls for a while?” he responds.

“I love licking balls. They hold my prize,” you tell him as you dart under his cock and start lapping at his nuts.

“Is there anything you don’t like doing?” Steve asks, half joking.

“Displeasing you,” comes the quick answer between laps. The vibrator buzzes on.

This continues for a while with various methods of sucking, licking, and teasing. Eventually Steve stops the vibrator and looks down at you saying, “You know, I’ve never been deep throated before.” Before he can finish the sentence your nose is bumping his stomach and you’re straining to tongue his balls. Up and down a few times.

“You could hold my head down if you like… Some guys enjoy that.” Steve does and eventually he develops the confidence to hold you down until you gag and choke. As you sputter and drool on his cock you once again feel the vibrator hum telling you what a good girl you are. This is the heavy work that causes the slobbering and tears that really cement sissy cock submission. Your very breath is controlled by cock and you love it. Best of all Steve is really asserting himself, not caring how hard he is on you.

Eventually he pulls you back and stops. “I’m getting close to cumming.”

“Where would you like to cum? Down my throat? In my hair? On my face? On my tits?”

“I’d really like to cum all over your face.”

“Can I swallow it all afterward or would you like me to let it dry on my face so I smell you the rest of the day?”

“I… figured you would just towel it off…”

“I would never waste a drop of your precious jizz, sir.”

Steve seems taken aback by this response but gets out, “Well then you can swallow it if you like.”

With that you hammer right back down deepthroating. Steve must have liked the options as the vibrator maxes out. Soon you feel his balls tighten and he announces his need to spooge. You pull your mouth back, position your face directly in front of his cock and jerk him with one hand while caressing his balls with the other. You encourage him saying, “Oh yeah, baby. Gimme that spunk facial I want. He erupts creamy globs of cum and you swing his cock around painting your entire face. As soon as he stops cumming you clamp your mouth on his cock sucking the last drops out and extending his climax. He falls back into the sofa exhausted.

“Good job, baby,” you encourage. You sit back. “Take a minute to admire your work?” Steve looks at your well coated face and smiles. You pause briefly, smiling before you begin pushing all his cum into your mouth using just one finger. Slowly you work it all in and lean in just a little to show off how much is there. To Steve’s amazement you flick your tongue around and gargle his jizz before shutting your mouth, swallowing in one gulp, and opening to prove it to him. Once done, you eagerly tell him, “Your jizz is delicious. That was wonderful.”

“I’ve never had a blowjob that good or intense,” Steve lazily admits. “I wish that all girls were that dedicated.

“The fact that all girls aren’t that dedicated is the reason sissies exist. Could you do me a favor and turn off my butt buzzer?”

“Oh! I forgot it was still on.” The vibe shuts off.

You reach back, pull the plug out, and begin to lick it clean. Steve is noticeably turned on.

“Maybe I need a sissy,” he muses as you lick and giggle. You’ve done your job well and look forward to a reward from me. He’s happy, eager, and horny even though he just had the best orgasm of his life. Thanks to your good work Steve looks like a new man.


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