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Nice new addition to our story collection…
Short true story personally sent to me by Leggy Blonde Tgirl…
She also wanted me to share it with you, so you can read it and get inspired ;)
And I’m delighted to know that this site inspires someone in life ;)
Here it is, exclusively for you gurls!
Also, visit her blog: http://leggyblondetgirl.tumblr.com/

First BBC Story

by Leggy Blonde Tgirl

Hi Anna!

I thought I’d write to you because you might like to hear my news. I’ve been a fan of your site for a long time. This is an absolutely true story.

Over time I’ve become ever more conditioned by your videos to submit to my sissy desires – and especially aroused by Big Black Cock!

I’ve had quite a few meets in my time but mostly they’ve involved me sucking cock and taking his cum, which I adore, of course, but it has left me craving a good hard fucking to really satisfy my slut desires.

Watching BBC clips on your site together with the motivational instructions to fulfil my sissy destiny, I have found myself growing more and more receptive to the idea of daring to try BBC if I ever got the chance.

So, when I got a message on an adult contact site last weekend from a black guy in my city looking for a sissy bitch I instantly replied.

That evening, I drove to his apartment and as pre-arranged, quickly changed in his bathroom. I looked good: new black and white animal print dress, whalenet stockings, thong, and ankle boots, looking hot in a blonde wig. I stepped out of the bathroom to be greeted by a well-built middle-aged African guy. He stepped over to me, kissed me deeply, took me by the waist and backed me into his dimly-lit bedroom, pushing me back onto the bed and pinning me under him.

Before I knew where I was my big black guy was on top of me, kissing me and running his big hands over my sides, thighs, and ass, parting my legs, and rubbing his hard crotch against mine, letting me know he was in control – sissy heaven!

Soon, he was slipping home my anal bead dildo into my excited cunt before rubbing his hard cock against my smooth belly and thrusting his tongue down my throat whilst I stroked his shaven head and moaned softly.

Then, he squatted over me so I could tongue his balls and ass, before lowering a hardening black cock to my parting lips so that I could suck him to its full extension, feeling it swell and throb in my mouth and push deeper into my throat.

After several contented minutes bobbing my head up and down on his beautiful black cock, occasionally helped by his hand, he withdrew and got me into position, ass up on the edge of the bed, whilst he lubed my cleft and put on a rubber.

I arched my back and presented my sissy ass to him, and he put his fat cock between my cheeks, sliding it back and forth to lubricate it before pressing it against my opening…. First I felt the hard engorged head engage… then a second later his full length, filling me and thrill me.

He got his hands on my hips, put his foot up on the bed, then started to thrust into me, grunting as I gasped and started to work my hips back onto him, taking his big black cock deep into my pussy. “You like that bitch?” he snarled, as I gasped and sighed with pleasure, finally knowing what it was like to take a big black cock thrusting up my ass. “Oooohhh yes Daddy” was all I could manage in reply, as I succumbed to waves of aching anal pleasure. I was lost in the ecstacy of knowing I was on all fours taking a dominant black man’ deep inside me, his fat cum-filled balls slapping against me, finally getting fucked like the slut I was meant to be.

My powerful black lover fucked me to more than one anal orgasm as two hours went by in a flash. I finally finished up by sucking his magnificent BBC until he ejaculated in my mouth, filling it with his hot cumload for me to swallow contentedly.

My first ever BBC turned out to be the hottest experience I’ve ever had – and I’m making myself available for his use again soon!

To all you sissy slut readers out there who haven’t tried it yet – BBC is thoroughly recommended! Give into your sissy desire! Try it – you’ll love it – I did!

Leggy Blonde Tgirl


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