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Well today, for the start of the new week…
It’s time for a new master story by Mr. S… ;)
Another story of total submission to your master ;)
Enjoy your read!

Breakfast in Bed

by Mr. S

It’s Sunday morning and we sleep in a little late. Your alarm wakes you at seven AM by gently buzzing a vibrator tucked in your panties. It’s a neat system I built so that you always wake before me to start your domestic chores. You gently leave bed without disturbing me and mince down the hall to your bright pink bathroom.

Nothing special to do on a Sunday; just shower, shave everything, replace makeup, fix your hair, and change into a different babydoll outfit than you slept in. A little perfume and you’re done by 8. Off to the kitchen.

My Sunday breakfast is pretty bland by the standards of the rest of the week. Instead of a proper meal I like to have a protein shake to help me recover from the kickboxing club I work out at on Saturdays. The first step is to start water for coffee. You mix the protein powder into a glass of milk and stir until it completely dissolves and toss in three ice cubes as you know I like it cold. Just then the water is boiling and you pour it into a French press and add the correct amount of ground coffee. The press, protein shake, and a mug go onto a serving platter which you carry back to the bedroom.

You gently place the platter on my nightstand, mince around the bed and slowly crawl under the sheets. I groggily come to as you eagerly suck my morning wood. Pure heaven. I wait a minute or two and throw the covers off revealing your coy slutty smile as you suckle my cock. You pause just long enough to give me a thrilling glimpse of your makeup and then it’s right back down on my cock. Eventually I pull back from you and pour a cup of coffee.

“Did you clean yourself out yet?” I ask.

“No, Sir,” comes your immediate reply knowing exactly what that means.

“Well why don’t you go do that. I’ve got something special in mind.”

Curious to see what I’ve come up with you scamper back to the pink bathroom while I sip my coffee. You go through the usual course of cleaning yourself. Three enemas slowly administered and allowed to work their way out gently, leaving your system flushed, cleaned, and ready to play. As a final step you massage in a good dollup of lube so your boi pussy is prepared for entry. Daddy likes a clean, eager pussy.

Once ready you practically skip back to the bedroom brimming with curiosity and craving the obvious ass play I’ve got in store. You find me relaxed and sipping my coffee having not touched my protein shake. As you enter I put down my coffee mug and motion you to the bed.

“All clean… Good. Just get on all fours.”

You bend over and I’m rapidly upon you. Usually I’m fun and playful. Today, however, it’s all business from me. Within the first few pumps of my cock you realize we’re not having fun sissy sex; it’s just an ass pounding. I give you permission to suck your thumb if it helps and you do, thankful for the idea. For some reason sucking eases the pain from the jack hammer job I’m giving you from behind.

Pretty soon I’m ready and I eagerly shoot my cum deep in your sissy ass pussy. You start to turn to suck me clean as usual but I stop you by putting my hand on the back of your neck.

“Stay there. Keep your face down and ass up.” With that I walk away. Knowing how much I like obedience you sit still, ass up and ready. As I enter the room from the corner of your eye you see a funnel and the milk jug in my right hand. That’s all you get as I snap “head down!” at you and smack your ass firmly. You regain the proper position, with your back arched and used ass upward and on display. In a matter of seconds you feel the funnel ease into your butt. There’s almost no resistance as you’re well stretched from the ass pounding I gave you.

Then comes the rude part. You buck a little as I pour cold milk into your funneled asshole. I push your neck back down and chuckle. I know the cold milk is uncomfortable and crampy. I pour in just about a cup and slip the funnel out. With a quick spank I tell you to sit up. Sheepishly you look at me wondering why I just did that.

“Well, I suppose you need to expel that milk,” I tell you. You get to your feet and walk toward the door to get back to the safety of your pink bathroom but I stop you. “No, no. Not on the toilet. Here.” I hold out a glass and you daintily take it from me. “That’s it. Poop your milk out into the glass,” I encourage.

You slowly squat down with the glass on the floor beneath you. It takes a few minutes to relax and get comfortable, especially with me staring so intently. Eventually you tilt your head back and squirt out your milk into the glass. The aim is easy, enemas have become normal for you. Rapidly the glass fills with a frothy mixture of milk, lube, and cum.

Eager to clean up you stand, pick up the glass and turn for the door but once again I stop you. “Where are you going, sissy?” I ask. “I’ve got my protein shake and now you have yours. I thought we’d have breakfast together.” You slink back into bed staring at your glass of warm, cummy, ass milk. You’re struck out of silence as I click my glass into yours and happily comment,”Cheers! Drink up.” Feeling the most humiliation of your life you slowly lift the glass to your lips and start sipping. “Breakfast in bed together,” I say, “maybe we should do this every Sunday.”


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