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Another super hot writing from our dear Mister S! ;)
Exclusively for all you gurls ;)
Not a classic story, it’s actually a sissy assignment for all sissies!
Enjoy your reading :)

Sissy Assignment: The Mirror

by Mr. S

An update and a warning. I’m not a writer. I write these thoughts infrequently and only when I have time away from my business. I don’t actively train sissies anymore, it takes way too much effort, even online. Now I just write the ideas that I like and Anna has graciously agreed to publish them. As far as I’m concerned she runs the best site on the internet and I’m proud to provide content. You won’t see my work anywhere else. On to the warning… This assignment seems simple and small but I assure you it is a mind breaker. After a few weeks you might find yourself compelled to curtsey in a public bathroom. Be warned. I came up with this years ago for an online sissy who wanted severe behavior modification. S(he) had to abandon it after three weeks because seeing any mirror anywhere began giving submissive impulses. Don’t try this unless you really want a severe change in your sissy attitude!

I thought I would give an assignment for all you little sissy readers out there. I know you’re looking for assignments to build your inner sissy self in the comfort of your own home. I know it’s hard to find a dominant out there and a home based task is the best alternative. Something easily done in a few minutes per day that really deepens your sissyhood and humiliation. I want you to purchase a mirror. It needs to be big; ideally floor to ceiling and about 1.5 meters wide. I’ll let you get a slightly smaller mirror if you must but go as big as you can. Bigger is better. I want you to put the mirror in a place with room to play and good lighting.

There are three rules and a few suggestions I have for using the mirror. The rules are firm but necessary. Adherence will help you on your path to being a perfect sissy.

Rule 1. The mirror will be kept spotless except for one intentional blemish. Every week when you clean it (and you will clean it weekly) you will leave a lipstick kiss print on it. Not in the middle where it could obstruct view but off to the side. Change the location weekly and ideally use a few different colors. It needs to be a bright, obvious kiss print. You may remove it should you have guests but the kiss print goes back up as soon as possible. You are not allowed to masturbate or even see porn without a kiss on your sissy mirror. Ideally you will have a cute pink cleaning rag dedicated to your sissy mirror. Cleaning is such an important sissy task, after all.

Rule 2. You will show deference and respect to the mirror. It is dominant over you and needs to be treated so. This means whenever you pass by the mirror or walk into the room it stands in you will stop, curtsey, and say out loud, “I’m a lucky sissy!” It doesn’t matter what you are wearing or doing. You may ignore rule 2 in front of guests, during emergencies, or if compliance would pose a health risk (i.e., carrying something heavy). If, however, you choose not to do your lucky sissy curtsey you may not masturbate for the rest of the day. Period. The purpose of these curtseys is to help brainwash you into subservience. (I will add that having a wayward maid perform 100 lucky sissy curtseys in front of a mirror is a great behavior modifying punishment.)

Rule 3. Every day (morning is preferable) you will stand in front of the sissy mirror for two minutes. If you are not wearing femme clothing you will be naked. No male clothing. I’d prefer a bra, panties, and heels but I’ll allow nudity. You will stand straight up with your ankles and knees together. Your arms will be straight at your sides and your hands will be straight out with your palms down as close to horizontal as you can hold them. Your head will be lowered and your eyes on the floor. No looking at the mirror. I call this sissy position. You’ll look ridiculous and submissive with your hands sticking out and head bowed. This is how I like sissies positioned in front of me. Got it? The mirror is an extension of a dominant. Now stay like that for two minutes and reflect on what the mirror knows of you. What you did in front of it last night… last week. The mirror sees you now even though you dare not look at it.

That’s it. No more than five minutes a day and an extra five once per week to clean. Not much of a commitment. It’s actually pretty easy. But it will wreck your brain. You’ll be behaving more sissy-like curtseying so often. And the thought of “I’m a lucky sissy” will get pushed in deeper into your sub-conscious. Note that you’ll have to curtsey as you approach the mirror for your morning two minutes. Rules 1, 2, and 3 are intertwined at that point to have an amplifying effect. But how are we going to get all those filthy submissive sissy thoughts running into your head while standing in your sissy position?

The area in front of your mirror is now your sissy play space. It’s where you will do all the disgusting sissy training you crave. With that big mirror you’ll be able to see all the action and replay it in your head the next day while standing in front of the mirror.

First, and most obvious is to put a suction cupped dildo on the mirror and get to sucking. You’ll see all the action and the gleam in your eyes as you practice for Mr. Right. This works so well to reinforce your position. Actually seeing yourself in action and contemplating it tomorrow. Why stop there? Get three or four suction dildos. There’s plenty of room on the big mirror. Why not simulate a big sissy blowbang and have more cock than your mouth and hands can tend to at one time? Mr. Mirror’s going to know just how eager a slut you are.

Consider your feminine movement. Dance studios have huge mirrors to let dancers see their moves. Consider learning to dance (obviously I mean stripping and twerking). Consider the most elegant way to remove your thong for a man. Bring your porn in and watch it there. Use porn as a training tool. Mimic movements and get it into your head that you need to break new ground for slut training.

One of the side effects of this mirror training you will rapidly discover is an eagerness to dress better and primp better. Seeing your every action will cause you to think about expanding your wardrobe and makeup. During your daily reflection you might have thoughts like, “I would have looked better with painted nails,” or, “Those heels could be higher,” or “I’ve always wanted fishnets.” Well good news; you can play dress up all day with your mirror. And all that curtseying might just push you into a new maid’s uniform or over the top ruffled sissy dress. Maybe you’ll really sizzle in latex or as a redhead. That mirror will push you in so many directions it really will own your mind.

You’re also going to have a shift in your choice of sex toys. Through watching and reflecting on your sissy play I’d wager the dildos will get bigger and vary in skin color. The plugs will get bigger and maybe prettier. You might find you want to get a lockable sissy collar to simulate being collared by a live dominant. You might feel a need to spank yourself until your ass is nice and crimson. Don’t shy away. Add toys and furniture to your heart’s content.

The most important piece of this training comes in should you ever meet a man. You can show him your play space and tell him he will get the same respect and devotion the mirror gets. If he’s even remotely dominant (and what guy with you wouldn’t be) he’ll love that you’ll curtsey in front of him and stand in sissy position. He’ll know you focus so hard on visual perfection you’ll really put on a show for him. And what guy wouldn’t want to hear you ask him to sit sideways to a mirror because you get turned on by the idea of tilting your head and seeing his cock in your mouth?


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