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It’s time for a new “Dreamscape” episode!
By Numberonefan of course ;)
I will post Numberonafan’s own description of the video and I will let you enjoy! ;)

“Hi All,
Just posted a new episode from the ‘Dreamscape’ series of Sissy Hypno video trainers. It’s heavily influenced by a super sexy Poppers Training JOI vid I saw recently, with the added presence of a delectable Tara Emory at her sexiest best, just to inject that bit of extra TS fuckability to the overall proceedings.
Full of the usual hand selected smut, featuring delicously teasing excerpts from my favourite talent with an added twist of denial and ruination.
Massive TS cocks, lingerie, beautiful shemales doing the dirtiest things. What more do you want?


Anna Malice

For those who prefer Xhamster here is the alternative link:


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