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#2721 – Amanda Bergman

Sexy Amanda Bergman is our shemale of the day tonight ;)
Sexy curvy tranny in this hot scene for our collection ;)

Anna Malice


Another short amateur sissy video to enjoy this last weekend of the year :)
This young gurl is so sexy…
I like how she takes it slow until she makes her lover hard ;)
She’s so cute!
Thanks K.F. ;)

Anna Malice


For today, I want to continue with Bitterpill’s Asian sissy trainer series…
“Asian Sissy Sucks For Money” is another video based on the idea of sissies earning money doing what they love the best ;)
It incorporates some parts from other trainer…
And also legendary Kali Atrox POV humiliation video (one of the best ever)… It perfectly fits in here ;)
Enjoy gurls!

Anna Malice


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