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It’s been months since the last time I posted a sissy story!
It’s time for a new one :)
So you sissies got something to read this weekend :)
Mr. S returns with another exclusive story for our site!
His short stories from a master’s perspective are always exciting to read ;)
And this one goes out specially for you spanking-loving sissy sluts :)


Do You Need a Sissy Spanking?

by Mr. S

I love spankings in all forms. The submission alone is great. A sissy, bent over, helpless in front of me makes me revel in my dominance. Knowing that I can make her feel pleasure and pain simultaneously drives me wild.

We meet at the heavy leather bondage table and I immediately have you strip down to your delicate side tied white thong. You climb on to the table on all fours and I fasten your wrists and ankles to the corners of the table loosely. I want lots of play in your bondage so you can wriggle and fight as I spank. Just enough restraint to keep your legs a little spread and down on all fours.

After giving you a moment to get comfortable and relaxed, I make contact, gently bringing my hands up your outer thighs. At the top, I bring my hands around and cup your tucked sissy clit. You whimper and arch back, showing you’re good and horny. Lightly I trace your panty line back over your hips, tickling you and getting you to giggle and shake. Once back to the apex of your thong I let my hands slide down your ass and onto your inner thighs. Your heavy breathing tells me all I need to know that you’re enjoying everything.

I bring my hands back up to your ass and give it a good squeeze. Repeatedly I pull your ass apart and squeeze it together. I love how your little white thong appears and disappears in your big, hormone induced bubble butt. I keep kneading and moving your ass.

Then it happens. I give you the first light smack on your ass. Very gentle, very easy. Just enough to get your back to pop up a little in surprise. My left hand slides down your ass and presses up gently on your pantied clit delicately holding you in a perfect position as I softly spank with my right hand. Over and over my hand falls on your ass covering every inch with the lightest of smacks to warm you up.

Soon you’re whimpering and crooning and I know it’s time to mix up my style. With more force I use both hands randomly switching where and how I spank. You lose the ability to predict how you will be hit and it heightens the experience. I’m using just enough force for you to feel a little pain and this along with the random location gets you jumping and bobbing a little bit.

I return to rubbing your slightly pink butt and rubbing your panty crotch. You drop your head to rest and to give me better access. Time to go a little deeper. Gently I untie the sides of your thong and pull it off of you. It ratchets up your horniness to have your clit out but also gives a little shame not having this barest of security blankets. Back to rubbing. Slow kneading and a few firm sharp smacks. Eventually I grab firm hold of your clit in one hand and spank with the other, cruelly using your sex to draw you back into each spank.

I break from you for a few moments and you hesitate nervously not knowing what to do. You’d been rhythmically swaying but without my smacks to guide your movements you slow and stop. You know not to speak or look back during a spanking but overcome with curiosity you turn your head ever so slightly to get a view of what’s coming. I catch your violation and immediately correct it. I roughly buckle a ballgag in your mouth tightly. It has a ring coming out of it which I clip to the table forcing you to keep your face down to the table. As I circle back around I give you two hard spanks on each ass cheek causing you to lurch and tug at the gag holding you face down. You worry the fun spanking has just turned punishment.

The next sensation hits you like a freight train. You shudder and squirm as I slap a handful of coconut oil in your ass crack. It begins liquefying on contact and I smear it around, making a ring around your ass pussy and then spread it out over your ass. Your big ass now glistens and I keep rubbing all over your swollen achy sissy balls. I notice the first drop of precum swelling on the tip of your clit. I stop, put a condom on you to catch your spills, and slap another glob of coconut oil into your ass crack.

You begin to ponder the point of the oil. From your position you can’t see your beautiful shiny ass but the delicate aroma of coconut is pleasant and it does seem to provide some lubrication. You’re jarred back to reality as I spank you hard. You lurch, tugging at your gag and let out a muffled sound. Over what feels like an eternity I rain firm, hard spanks over your ass which is now a shiny crimson delight. You yelp and squirm and struggle but of all your restraints it’s that cruel ballgag that holds you most uncomfortably. By now you’re tearing up and drooling uncontrollably and I ease back, gently rubbing your slippery ass and tugging your clit to keep you in a horny mood.

As soon as I feel you relax I give two quick smacks and then slowly work my index finger around your ass pussy. You purr behind the gag and I gently slip my finger in. Slowly I rub the oil around lubing you up. With my other hand I gently tug your balls to keep you arched like I want. Once again you’re lost to the world as you ride my probing finger and once again I drag you back by releasing your balls and smacking your ass.

As you buck from the impact you realize the challenge you face. Your muscles want to tighten with each spank but you must also try to keep your ass relaxed as I finger it. As I spank you more and more I feel your fuckhole clamp down on my finger as each smack hits home. Your ass is very bright red and I can tell it’s painful. I get great pleasure watching you fight your body’s impulses both to keep your ass open and not jerk your head around the secured gag.

You’re sweating hard and crying with drool gurgling whimpers from your gagged mouth so I ease up and take out my finger. With one hand I cradle your condom encased clit pointing it straight back from you. With the other hand I gingerly spank your clit, just under the tip, where it’s so sensitive. I increase force over time and soon you’re back to fighting me. I love it because I’ve got a hold of you and despite your squirming protests I can see the condom slowly filling with your juice.

Eventually I release your clit and go back to your ass. Now I slide in my middle and ring fingers. The spanking starts again and once more you’re fighting your body. It’s a thing of beauty to manhandle your big shiny crimson ass and keep you squirming in a mix of pleasure and pain. You bite hard on the ballgag for relief and look at the puddles of tears and drool beneath your face, fighting to continue.

I sense that you’re near a climax so I push my fingers deep inside to hit that “sissy spot” and simultaneously push my thumb underneath and rub right behind your sissy balls. I hold you like a bowling ball and work your inner pussy from both sides. As I hit the spot the spanking gets furious and soon you’re bucking like a bull uncontrollable in the throes of sensation. I hear muffled screams and gasping breaths as I work your sex with my hand. I time each smack to disrupt and confuse you. As you try to get a calming breath I smack your ass to stop it.

As you lose control of your body and fall into an orgasmic bliss I keep pumping until you are well past finished, drawing out your anal orgasm. The spanking stops and I slowly withdraw my fingers. You’re exhausted and covered in sweat now sucking deep breaths to calm down. I remove your condom, tie a knot around it to keep the milk in and drop it under your face. You marvel at how much goo oozed out and then begin to wonder what I intend to do with it. That idea fades quickly as you for the first time notice how burning and sore your ass is. You begin to wonder if you’ll be able to sit tomorrow…


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