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Tonight, it’s time to complete Dana’s ten steps feminization training!
With the fine, tenth, episode! ;)
This episode serves as a conclusion…
To finally confirm that you are a sissy gurl who lives to serve real men cocks ;)
For gurls that didn’t I would recommend to watch all ten levels…
And all other sissies that would like to go through this process again ;)
It’s Saturday, the best time to do it :)
Here are the links for all 9 previous episodes…
And then you can move to the tenth level ;)

Trainer 1: Association & Arousal
Trainer 2: Find Beauty In Every Picture
Trainer 3: Abandon Power
Trainer 4: Explore Desire
Trainer 5: Ultimate Cock Worship REDUX
Trainer 6: Reinforce Cockslave Status
Trainer 7: Commit to Cock Hunger
Trainer 8: Go To The Next Level
Trainer 9: Cristallize Cockslave Status
Anna Malice


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