My name is Anna.. Anna Malice..
of course this is an art name.. because I’m not a real girl..
but a submissive sissy with a lot of imagination..
I’m nice and sophisticated and i was always intrigued
to become the gurl of a man who might dominate me completely.
As every sissy without enough courage.. i have had virtual sex with men..
but i never had real sex experiences (virgin)..
With time.. i dedicated a lot of me.. to transformation of myself..
dress like a girl, chastity, anal pussy orgasms..
some of my most secret sensual depravations..
My life flowed slow and indentical.. without any particular enthusiasm..
until i discovered so strange and exciting hypnotic feminization files..
it was love at first sight!!.. ;)
Addicted from this new incredible sexual drug.. i started to collect them as more as possible..
discovering a lot of interesting places, like some sissy blogs..
where they could be watched and downloaded..
Hypnotic videos.. at that time.. were so rare and precious.. and i never had enough..
I decided to start a blog.. on blogger.. without any particular ambition..
the challange to myself.. was to try to post a new hypnotic clip every day..
I never thought.. i would able to find so much clips.. of this type..
Anyway with time.. big constance and patience..
i was able to create more of 500 days of posts.. without any day of pause..
It’s because i was able to collect the most important gallery of feminization hypnosis videos..
i became the most important point of reference of a lot of sissies like me..
that would like to transform themselves.. in so wonderful sissy sluts! ;)
My site on blogger.. with more of ten thousands unic visitors at day.. started to have a lot of problems..
I was banned as a spam site.. repeatedly.. without any real motivation..
This is the cause.. because.. i have taken my own domain..
You know.. if you are here.. there is a reason..
so.. follow me on the new site!
that’s all!

with love
Anna Malice