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For tonight’s hypno video we are continuing the Bigbanana’s sissy series…
Tonight’s installment is titled “Sissy Cock Lover”…
Again in the well known vintage hypno style… ;)
With sexy captions and hypnotic voice over…
In variety of hypno styles we got it’s always nice to have some classical hypnos like this one ;)
Enjoy sissies!

Anna Malice


Another hypnotic trainer for real sissy bimbos ;)
Created by Bigbanana…
Let this hypnotic voice guide you into feminization…
And enjoy all this sexy captions as the background…
Another trainer to send you further on the one way road to sissines ;)

Anna Malice


I’m a little bit late for today’s hypno, but here it is, sorry gurls ;)
This is another video by Bigbanana and really great addition to our hypno collection by this artist…
Again, I simply adore this classic concept of sissy hypno art :)
There is voice to hypnotize you, and captions and pics to get in your sissy mind even more :)
Because you sissy are already on the path with no coming back…
To love and worship a cock forever ;)

Anna Malice


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