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#1149 – Cum eating instruction, Capri’s way

An hot returns on our screens for Capri Anderson..
with another powerful pov humiliation clip..
I suppose this is one of her earliest video of fem domination..
anyway.. by her beauty and diabolic innocence..
she will be able to transform you in her diligent cum licker maid..
enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice

Every day you are always more.. more pageviews, more unique visitors,
I know if you are here is not for me.. or for a coffee o for a nice talk..
as you know there are so few hypnovids around..
and from september i decided to not be under pressure to find them everyday..
i was close to a nervous crisis, before..
then.. sometime you have to be so gentle and patient.. to come on this blog..
only for a coffee… and for a pov humiliation vid, like tonight!
if you like or not like them.. this time, a very long clip! :))

Anna Malice

#576 – Droll and Stroke you stupid hypno pig – by Holly

Let me tell you thanks, Holly, for your precious collaboration
uploading these hot serie of videos!
tonight with the powerful Capri Anderson
another wonderful pov humiliation clip!
enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice

PS: don’t miss the hot premiere of tomorrow night! ;)

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