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Alright gurls, so it’s time to start publishing new videos again :)
Well for our first video after breaking #3000 I would like to post a video from one of the greatests… Emma Nice!
“Cockwhore II” is a second episode of her Cockwhore series!
If you remember the first one – #2872 – Cockwhore by Emma Nice, you know it’s not really a typical sissy video…
The concept of these videos is that they are made around one particular pornstar…
AJ Applegate was the first one, and now the star is Jada Stevens!
Jada and a lot of beautiful big COCKS ;)
Enjoy gurls!
Stay tuned for more hot videos coming soon :)
Don’t forger to visit Emma’s beautiful blog:!

Anna Malice


Today is a special day for all sissies!
Like it always is when we have a new from LEGENDARY SISSYMAKER series released! ;)
Yes, Emma Nice/Emperorhypnos just released the 4th Sissymaker video!
So it’s time to get excited :)
Every sissy and every fan of sissy art knows that Sissymaker videos are the best of the best of this genre :)
And the 4th episode is no different!
I have already watched it a lot of times on repeat…
3 minutes of pure sissy ecstasy! ;)
Simply brilliant!
I will let you gurls enjoy! :)

Anna Malice


Another hot video by Emma Nice/Emperorhypnos for our collection today!
“Cockwhore” is another very intense artwork! ;)
This time concept of the video is that it is dedicated to one pornstar!
And it’s beautiful AJ Applegate ;)
The love and passion this girl got for big cock(s)… Make her a true sissy role model!
And don’t forget to visit Emperorhypnos blog:!

Anna Malice


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