For all the people.. who really love and appreciate this blog!
You have besieged me.. with hundreds and hundreds of emails.. actually 709!!!
ok.. you won!! blog is opened again!.. (there weren’t invitations to anyone, before)
to be clear..
I’m not fed up.. of bad honest criticisms..
I’m not fed up.. of absence of comments..
I’m not fed up.. of bad ratings as an honest judgment..
I’m not fed up.. of this daily hard job
I’m not fed up.. because i’m weak.. or a moody person.. or with mental distress..
and i’m not psychologically unstable! these are only silly legends!

now, let me explain you.. some considerations
you are more of 6 thousands everyday.. i’m one!!
and i’m alone.. with my only resources..
as it should be logical and expectable.. I’ll not continue with my blog forever..
i have written this on the TOS.. my site had a begin.. and will have an end..
this is the editorial line.. daily posting.. until the end..
for a certain time.. with a certain end!
and as i told you in the TOS..
this cut off.. was the general test.. of what it will happen in the close future.
for me this is only an interesting experiment! mainly utopian.. of course!

there been a big misunderstanding!
maybe you have considered my job foregone!
let me tell you.. this site is not foregone! it’s nothing like that at all!
maybe you have not understood how hard is.. to conduce this daily posting..
one of the reasons because I closed this blog..
is just to try to make you understand how much is difficult to find daily new stuff to watch!
another misunderstanding…
you are free, as always, to explain yourself with your polite comments!
I never been a tyrant or a dictator..
don’t be afraid to explain your honest and polite ideas..
I don’t really want personal tributes..
it’s not really necessary to write me thanks.. i don’t care about compliments!
Request of comments are my utopian try to involve you in this project..
in any case comments about pretentious requests.. are not allowed!
one of the things i don’t really tolerate.. is to be considered your maid servant!
the last misunderstanding
with rare exceptions, i don’t produce the videos you watch..
don’t ask me to produce videos for you!
how is it possible to think i can produce something explicit for your tastes?!?
I don’t know how is possible to ask me so frequently something like this..
there are a lot of people that think i come from another planet! I’m from planet earth!

the meaning of respect!
maybe the most of you consider this blog as a paysite.. with a free pass!
and because it’s free.. with rights to offend me or to demand more or better!
this is not a paysite.. you have no rights on me and on my job, here!
I don’t want to gain and i don’t want to be popular..
these weren’t my original goals!…
i would only liked to create a place to share videos.. just for fun!
without pressures!
I’m really surprised to look at people that want, pretend and demand better and more great stuff!!
bad comments about me, mine or felicia’s videos.. are not really pleasant.. ok, it’s life..
but.. private messages with bad words.. is too much!! that’s enough!

Editorial line and co-editors!
from the beginning.. my editorial line about this site was a daily posting..
i think a serious blog.. must be daily updated!..
anyway I can’t post daily hypno files.. they are truly rare!!!
not all the hypno files have a superb quality..
it should be nice.. to not pretend and to not demand high quality in any post!
it’s should be nice.. to not pretend and to not demand anything!!
otherwise to post femdom’s videos is required.. to mantain a daily posting..
there is a small part of the followers that like this kind of video! and me too..
if you want to change this editorial line.. become a co-editor..
and contribute to manage this blog with me! I’m open to contributors..
if you dont give anything.. you have no rights to demand and to pretend.. anything back!

that’s all!

trasmissions begin again.. on 30 november at 4.00 PM.. Pacific Coast time
with a video about Maitresse Madeline, femdom type!
end of messagge!!

Anna Malice

ps. I’m almost sure that what i have written here will be totally unuseful..