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Well tonight I have a huge pleasure to announce a comeback of one of our favorite artists!
After a long time EvaSissySlut got a new video for you gurls ;)
Especially those BBC loving sissy sluts :)
“Sissy Black Cock Slut” is another superb work by Eva!
That I’m sure you sluts will love so much!
So follow the instructions and let it sissify you! ;)
P.S. Unfortunately all old Eva’s videos are deleted now, we’ll have to fix that soon!

Anna Malice


Well, for tonight, Saturday night premiere and a new video from EvaSissySlut…
Eva took a little hiatus but now she is back with a new video…
And some more videos to be released soon ;)
This one is titled “Sissy Panty Pervert”…
A beautiful sissy artwork about sissies’ obsession with sexy girly panties…
And how beautiful we look in them to men ;)

Anna Malice


Well, for our tonight’s hypno collection I got a special pleasure to publish the newest artwork by EvaSissySlut!
Definitely a long awaited ;)
So I was very excited when she sent it to me and I’m sure you gurls will love it too ;)
It’s really a true sissy artwork in Eva’s original way, beautiful!
And so powerful!
Great concept and great realization :)

Anna Malice


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