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#2802 – Fernanda Mineira III

Fernanda Mineira (AKA: Rogeria)!
Another Brazilian beauty from our collection ;)
And another amazing passionate video by her ;)
She is so beautiful and her lover is amazing…
She’s lucky to play with that huge cock ;)

Anna Malice


#1100 – Fernanda Mineira II

Another Fernanda for the shemale’s clip of today..
this time is the most famous Fernanda Mineira (AKA: Rogeria)
well, it’s another classic of shemale fucked porn..
beautiful sublime blonde actress.. wondeful black cock..
the rest is in your ability of empathize.. ;))

Anna Malice

#950 – Fernanda Mineira

Fernanda Mineira (AKA: Rogeria)
sublime actress.. arousing like few other..
beautiful clip.. this is what means to make love with a shemale..
tenderness, strenght and decision.. fantastic lovely moment of sex!
i love to look at her on four.. while her asspussy is licked..
simply a fabolous view!

Anna Malice

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